Welcome to Day Four of the “No Limits” Challenge //

Today’s lesson both excites me and scares me.

It excites me because it literally connects you to your own unique blueprint for living a NO LIMITS life. It scares me because I worry you might think it’s silly and dismiss this powerful key to your success.

The truth is every single one of us has a connection to a wise, all-knowing aspect of our self. People call it many names—Higher Self, Wise Self, God, Spirit, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Soul Guide, Universal Intelligence, and on and on….

It doesn’t matter what you call this powerful piece of YOU. If you connect with your own personal source of guidance, you will be given the answers you need to assist you on your journey. The steps you need to take, the people you need to connect with, the resources you need—all of this and more will come to you by connecting with Guidance.

Today’s Video:


Today’s Challenge:

For today’s lesson we’re covering the last three steps of the Inner Bonding process

Please Note: This is a continuation of yesterday’s lesson. You will need to do the Day 3 Lesson before you proceed.

Step 4: Dialogue with Your Higher Guidance. 

Connect within and ask these two questions. What is the Truth about this limiting belief? What is loving action I need to take on my behalf?

Step 5: Take Loving Action. 

This step requires you to take the loving action you receive from Guidance. As Nike says—Just Do It! =)

Step 6: Evaluate Your Action. 

After you take the loving action, check in and see how you’re feeling. Is your feeling or body sensation gone? If you feel positive, peaceful emotions, you’ve connected with your INNER TRUTH and have healed or completed this negative money belief.

If you still feel the same emotion or body sensation (such as tightness in your chest), or if you feel any other negative emotion or body sensation, then go back to Step Three from yesterday’s challenge. There may be another piece of the puzzle left for you to uncover.

Have an inner dialog with this emotion or body sensation then move thru Steps 4-6 from today’s lesson. Explore any layers that might surface with love, compassion, and gentleness. You may just be surprised what you discover.


Please Be Kind To Yourself!

We live in a society that over emphasizes the mind. The mind IS a powerful tool, but all too often taught to dismiss and not to trust our intuition. It may take time for you to start connecting with this powerful aspect of yourself, but I promise when you learn to connect to your Higher Guidance, you will find unlimited resources to craft your NO LIMITS life.

Also remember that your Guide will have a very unique way it communicates with you. Messages could come to you in dreams, via another person, a book, a song, hearing a voice, feeling a “feeling”, a knowing, symbols, numbers, visions, etc. Be open and allow your Higher Guidance to send you messages in divine timing (which may not necessarily as immediate you might wish).

You’ll know you’ve received it because you’ll feel what Dr. Silvia Hartmann calls a “threshold shift” or a “Eureka moment. Eureka, that’s it! Just allow yourself to patiently await that strong knowing that you’ve got it. Then take the loving action your Higher Guidance has suggested and work through the process.

Wishing you lots of love on your journey,



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2 comments on “Your Higher Guidance Is Key To Fulfilling Your Potential”

  1. I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head in this post, Misty, especially when you write: “The truth is every single one of us has a connection to a wise, all-knowing aspect of our self. People call it many names—Higher Self, Wise Self, God, Spirit, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Soul Guide, Universal Intelligence, and on and on….” Here in the spiritual community at Sunrise Ranch where I live we tend to call it Sovereign Being, Angelic Being, Creator Being, Divine Being or Universal Being. It is the inner core of love that is the very essence of our identity.

    We’re already connected with this Source because it is who we are in the deepest and highest sense. But as you indicate often our mind gets in the way and we tend to identify with a lower self, with our humanity instead of our Divinity.

    A fundamental teaching in our program here at Sunrise is “You only know what you express.” To know and connect with the Higher Self you need to express the Higher Self in your living. This means expressing the qualities of character that are associated with the Higher Self: integrity, nobility, dignity, generosity, serenity, honesty, stability, compassion, to name a few. They are all differentiations of the central quality of LOVE.

    By consistently expressing these qualities of character in living you come to know yourself as your Higher Self. You come to realize, “This is who I am!” All separation dissolves and you live as you truly are: a Divine Being incarnate on Earth, transcending limitations and carrying the potential to transform humanity.

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