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One of my biggest challenges with money has been manifesting this statement, “I earn a living doing what I love to do.” I believe it—with all my heart. Yet I have struggled to clear all of the inner blocks so it can come true.

Do you struggle with this, too?!?

I actually shot today’s video in the children’s section of my local library (right before a group of four of them came and asked me…What are you doing?!? It was cute!). I created the video in this very location because as children we deeply believed in ourselves and in our abilities.

So many of us lose this self-belief as we age. Today’s lesson is all about re-cultivating your confidence in who are you and what you’re capable of!


Enjoy The Video:


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Make a list of people you know who are doing what they love for a living, AND they earn a great living do so.

Step Two: Write down at least one thing you’d love to earn an income doing. List everything you can think of.

Please Note: If you already love what you do for a living you can skip this step. However, I’d still love for you to consider what you might love to do in the future—say after you retire or if there is ever a change in your industry. Is there anything in your life that you would love to do and earn an income (or partial income) doing?

Step Three: Get clear about anything that blocks you from having the reality you desire. Make a list.

Step Four: Cultivate self-belief.

For today’s lesson, there is no need for action—unless you feel inspired to take action. Just sit with what you’ve wrote and begin to cultivate the possibility that you can earn a living doing what you love to do. As you collect the names of more and more people who earn a fabulous living doing what they love to do, you will grow in your own self confidence to make this dream a reality.

Alright, dear one. It’s my hope that you already earn a living doing what you love to do. If you do not, allow the possibility of today’s lesson to wash over you and bring you hope. You are a unique person with special gifts and talents designed to bless the world. Learn to love and embrace what makes you different and cultivate a belief that you can earning a wonderful living doing what you love to do!

My heart is bursting for joy!




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3 comments on “You Can Earn Money Doing What You Love To Do”

  1. As I may have mentioned before, one day when I was twelve my purpose in life became clear to me. As I put it then: I am here to serve God and to help God save the world. I have since refined this a bit and would now put it this way: I am here for the spiritual regeneration of humanity. In other words, you could say that I’m here to do “spiritual work.”

    I have found that it doesn’t matter what physical or mental job I am doing, I can always be doing this spiritual work, because it simply consists in being who I am: a Creator Being here on earth to bring the highest and finest qualities of character into my living in each moment. I’ve had many different jobs in life—twenty five years as a house painter, fifteen years as a janitor, many years as a writer and editor, for the last ten years as the director of the Sunrise Ranch post office. I love whatever I’m doing to earn a living because I am always doing my very best at it and bringing value to what I’m doing.

    Having said this, I understand, Misty, that in the world in which we’re living, which reflects the fallen state of humanity, it is often very challenging to find a job that matches earning a living with our natural gifts and talents, i.e. what we most love to do. For example, my innate gifts lie in the area of writing and public speaking, but I have never found a way to draw sufficient compensation to sustain my living from exercising these talents.

    In a transformed world where humanity is once again in alignment with the creative process of life things might be entirely different and I might be free to write and speak at will and still earn a living. But in the state that exists on earth I have had to compromise and do other jobs, such as those above, to make a living, while doing writing and speaking whenever I can. It has worked out quite well, for I have learned to love whatever I’m doing and see it all as spiritual service.

    • It is a gift to love whatever work you find yourself doing. I think that very wise! =)

      I am curious, however, what do you mean by “in a transformed world where humanity is once again in alignment with the creative process of life”? Do you see the way the world is prevents many from making a living doing what they love? Why is this so? From your perspective, why can’t more people (including yourself) earn a living with their innate gifts?

      • I don’t know that I can sufficiently explain this. All I can say is that just about everything on earth is out of whack right now and has been for thousands of years simply because human beings don’t know who they are. Their polarity is in the earth rather than in the truth of who they are and they wonder around on earth attempting to extract meaning and fulfillment from the environment rather than giving into the environment with the power of creation that naturally emanates from their core.

        To use Biblical terminology, human beings are eating of “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” rather than “the tree of life.” Even religion is part of this universal addiction. Fortunately a few in our time are beginning to awaken to our true nature as representatives of the Creator and a seeding the hope that this awful interlude of fallen humanity may some day come to an end.

        In the meantime I feel that our primary purpose must be to support this awakening process (the spiritual regeneration of humanity) even though it may require us to engage in work that does not always align with our natural talents and interests.

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