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Hello, Love!

Today’s message is simple. No matter how you feel in any given moment—you are never alone.

Within each one of us is a personal source of Guidance that is always available to direct us to do what is in our highest good. So often we rely too heavily on our mind to make key decisions, yet I fully believe our most powerful source of wisdom is our connection to our Higher Self.

We briefly touched on this topic on Day Four—Your Higher Guidance is Key to Fulfilling Your Potential, and in my humble opinion, one of the most important things you can ever do is develop a relationship with a personal source of guidance.

My challenge for you today is to discover and/or deepen your connection to Spirit.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Check Your Intention 

According to Dr. Margaret Paul, co-founder of the Inner Bonding Process, we only ever had one of two intentions. You can either be in an intention to control and protect or in an intention to learn what is in our highest good (and in the highest good of others).

She says:

When your deepest desire is to control rather than learn about loving yourself and others – and your intent is to get rid of your feelings rather than learn from them – you will not be able to access Spirit.

You see, in order to access your own Inner Wisdom, you must be in an Intention to Learn. You can not connect with your Higher Guidance if you are in an intention to protect yourself from pain and attempt to control others or outcomes.

In short, the very first step to move into an INTENTION TO LEARN.

Step Two: Dialogue With Your Higher Guidance

Open a dialogue with your personal source of Guidance.

Connecting with your Higher Guidance can be as easy as having a simple conversation. Dear God, Please Help. As a friend, John Henry McDonald, says. Or you can write to your Higher Self. Dear Higher Self, what is the best thing to do about XYZ?!? Then allow whatever comes out in your journal, guide your steps. Dr. Margaret Paul goes for a morning walk with her dogs and has conversations with her Guidance.

Be open to trying what form is best for you.

Step Three: Raise Your Frequency (Optional)

Use this step if you’re having trouble connecting with Guidance in Step Two.

You see, Guidance can only connect with you if you have a high frequency. So it’s incredibly difficult to access your Higher Self when we are sick, tired, angry, or have any other form of lower frequency. Try one of the activities to help raise your frequency, then retry a dialogue with your Guidance as detailed in Step Two.

Tips to raise your frequency:

  • Go out in nature.
  • Pray or meditate.
  • Read something you love such as a poem or song lyrics.
  • Listen to your favorite songs.
  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness.
  • Dance or enjoy a form of movement you enjoy.
  • Move into a state of gratitude.
  • Practice forgiveness.
  • Gratitude Bomb someone you love and appreciate.
  • Use your imagination and open to your creativity.
  • Go out an play.
  • Or try countless other ways…

Alright, dear one. There is no right way to connect with Guidance. Allow yourself the pleasure of discovering the practice that works for you, and rest assured—no matter how you connect with your Higher Self, you’ll find your best and happiest decisions come from developing a trusted bond with this powerful part of your self.




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2 comments on “You Are Never Alone”

  1. As you write, Misty, “My challenge for you today is to discover and/or deepen your connection to Spirit.” What better way to do this than to make the correct assumption that you are Spirit; this is the truth of who you are; this is your essential identity. Then you are no longer seeking to have dialog with your Higher Guidance; you are Higher Guidance and are simply seeking to bring your mind, heart (emotions) and body into alignment with who you are.

    It is so much easier to come from the top, down, than to try to come from the bottom, up. The latter approach maintains an unnatural state of separation, which is why the world is in such an unnatural state. Identified with their capacities of body, mind and heart human beings inevitably slip into victim consciousness and think they need some outside agency (God, Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.) to rescue them and set things right. Right action and right living spring from my Divine Core. Yes there is learning and it involves a life-long process of teaching my humanity to more accurately reflect my Divinity.

    • Thank you for the elucidation. In InnerBonding, Guidance is an aspect of yourself, so I must have assumed the reader understood the very thing you describe. Great clarity, Jerry. Your comments are always so thought-provoking and helpful. I appreciate you.

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