Welcome to Day 23 of the “No Limits” Challenge. Today’s post marks the beginning of Week Four, and our focus will be on creation and creativity—more specifically on what you are creating in your life.

Hello, Love

What do you feel when I say this statement, “you are creative“? 

Does it resonate with you?

I felt creative as a child. I loved writing, drawing, and music, and I was fortunate to be encouraged to pursue the arts. Yet as I became older, I took on a rather strange belief. I believed that “smart people” studied the math and sciences (and dumb people studied everything else). Since I wanted to be “smart”, I unfortunately traded my creative endeavors for what I believed was a more serious and significant life.

Looking back I honestly have no idea where this belief came from.

As the years passed I distinctly remember receiving feedback that many people saw me as creative. I would always wrinkle my nose at their suggestion and declare I was indeed NOT creative, but someone would invariably point out the way I was creative.

I could never deny what they said.

Despite these continued observations, I put up a firm separation between myself and my creativity. I wanted to “smart”—not creative.

(Funny to look back and observe that my thinking was not “smart”.)

It is easy now to see the inherent flaws in my early viewpoint. Smart people are creative, and there are individuals in every field who are absolutely brilliant.

Since that time, I also recognize that creativity happens on many realms. It doesn’t subscribe to specific professions, and it’s not confined solely to those with God-given creative abilities.

Creativity exists within every person, and it is the life force that drives every thing.

A woman conceiving and birthing a child is engaging in an act of creation. An entrepreneur moving from concept to tangible product is being creative. A Meetup organizer hosting a bookclub discussion is exploring a form of creation. A person with a big dream who works to make that dream reality is a creator. Even a simple hello which generates a smile on a stranger’s lips is an example of the creative force in action.

Creation is everywhere, and each person on the planet is a creator.

Each and every day we create with our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Become aware of what you desire to create.

This could be as simple as exploring what emotional state/s you want to feel on a regular basis. Or it could be as complex as exploring your long-term vision. Take some time today to reflect on what act of creation is in your highest good.

Step Two: Connect with your Higher Guidance and ask what steps to take.

Once you’re clear about what you want to focus on, connect with your personal source of Guidance. Ask your Guidance what steps will help you create your desire.

Step Three: Take the Loving Action as a bold act of faith.

Taking action can be scary when we are too focused on the outcome. What I mean by this is it’s scary if the sole purpose for taking action is to achieve a specific outcome. Trust the creative process to be one that will likely lead you down a path you didn’t expect or fully plan for.

I find the best way to take action is do so with openness, adaptability, and curiosity.

For example, let’s say your vision is to get a book published by a major publisher. You connect with Guidance and are told to contact a friend of yours who is a published author. However your friend doesn’t call you back and you feel slighted.

Step Four: Roadblocks are a sign to reconnect with your Guidance

When you hit a road block as demonstrated in the above example, don’t forget to check back in with your Guidance. Remember the Universe always has your best interest in mind; everything is being taken care of on your behalf.

It’s important to take the loving action you’ve been Guided to take but not to hold too rigidly on how things come to you. You may learn down the road that your Higher Guidance may have an even better vision than you can currently imagine.

Alright, dear one. Our minds are limited, but our Inner Wisdom is limitless. You are a creative being and have unlimited power to create a life you love.

Go forth and prosper!



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Today’s Feature Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

2 comments on “You Are Creative (Even If You’re Not An Artist)”

  1. Wow, Misty, you are so right on with this challenge! I love how you put it: “Creativity exists within every person, and it is the life force that drives everything.” And: “Creation is everywhere, and each person on the planet is a creator.” Absolutely right! This is exactly why we came on earth, certainly not to get out of the earth into some kind of imaginary heavenly afterlife or into some drug-induced “heaven” in consciousness. This beautiful planet and our life in physical form comprise the field for our creative expression.

    I also appreciate your recognition that creativity can happen in many realms and professions and can be experienced even by those who don’t have what are commonly assumed to be “God-given creative abilities.” I do the janitorial work for our large administration building and consider cleaning restrooms, emptying trash and vacuuming part of my artistic expression. We release our creative nature in every activity. As you state it: “Each and every day we create with our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.” Thank you so much for this awesome post!

    • I’m glad this one really resonated with you. It was inspired by the conversation we had Sunrise about intrinsic values. Creativity and exercising my creative life force is something I continue to try to re-train myself to value (above more extrinsic values such as how much money I make on a project or how many comments or tweet I get per day). At this point, I find myself a bit shocked that I’m having to undergo this kind of self worth re-training, but the reality is so many of us could stand to value our creative side more than we do.

      I also really enjoyed reading this quote you wrote, “We release our creative nature in every activity.” It reminds me of a wonderful mindfulness practice.

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