Welcome to Day 22 of the “No Limits” Challenge.

I had the most interesting experience. 

I was at the dinner table telling the group I was dining with that it took me three days to write yesterday’s post about intrinsic vs extrinsic values. I shared my surprise that I could neither make a list of intrinsic values of a person nor could I find any such list online.

One of the women at the table shocked me when she said, “Misty, intrinsic values are what Sunrise Ranch was founded on. Intrinsic values consist of kindness, honesty, compassion, joy, etc.” 

I could see several nods of agreement from those at the table, and this launched a wonderful discussion where my dinner companions shared what they had learned by being a part of the Sunrise community. Person after person confirmed the importance of intrinsic self-worth, and I was blown away that my prayers had been answered.

I sat in amazement.

The day before I had asked God to help me discover what intrinsic self worth was, as well as, for people who lived by these principles. Little did I know that the very things I was looking for were right under my nose.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Reflect on this experience and recall similar experiences.

You’ve likely had something similar happen to you. Take a moment to reflect today and list out a few of your own experiences. Doing this will help you connect to feeling loved and cared for by the Universe.

Step Two: Ask for what you need.

Is there anything that you’ve been having trouble with? Have you been looking for something (such as a housekeeper, the right and perfect employee, a specific shirt for work, your favorite coffee beans, any need or desire) but haven’t been able to find it?

Now is a good time to ask God for some assistance.

Step Three: Remain open as you allow your request to be fulfilled. 

There is a phrase in Mastermind that says, “Go forth with a spirit of excitement, enthusiasm, and expectancy.” I think this fully describes the state we need to be in while we wait for our requests to be fulfilled.

Alright, my dear. Today’s lesson will help you live in deeper trust that you are inherently safe. With consistent practice, you will discover the Universe has your back. You are a powerful being and can align with your every need and desire.




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5 comments on “When You Ask, The Universe Delivers”

  1. I’ll confess I have always been somewhat wary of asking for what I want or encouraging others to do so. The “I” that wants something is almost always at least in part the small or human ego self that has little idea of what I really need for spiritual growth and development. I tend to honor the initial words of the 23rd Psalm: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

    Yes we are “backed by the Universe.” Surely it is best then to simply trust that process, set aside human wants and desires and delight in whatever the Universe brings.

    • I feel differently. =) But there are many, many people who admonishing wanting for various reasons. Sean mentioned “want” in The Sedona Method is the same as “lack”, and that methodology has a “treatment” for releasing the wanting (therefor releasing the lack). Maybe you see things similar to that point of view. I think many concepts have gotten a bad rep, including, have a desire or want or longing for something, but I will allow each person to come up with their own conclusion.

      • When the film, “The Secret” came out a few years ago, revealing the “Law of Attraction,” many people saw this as a golden opportunity to use this law to get what they want. To me this is a very low level self-centered human exercise that disconnects a person from the creative process of life. It’s actually a form of black magic. We’re not here to “get the most out of life,” but to give the most into life.

        Yes it could be said that I have a longing, which I think is different from wanting. My longing is that all human beings awaken to the Sovereign Beings that they are and generously give of that creative power to bless and transform the world. This has nothing to do with the personal wants and desires of an unawakened self.

  2. Strange as it may seem, I have found that “asking for what you need” is a step that people, myself included, forget to do when trying to manifest needs in life. I guess we think someone, including God, is going to guess correctly about what we desire. I think many relationships suffer from one person or the other not verbalizing the need and expecting “someone who really loves them, to furnish what they need out of intuition. We often don’t really know what we need but we load someone else with the burden of knowing our needs and providing them. Or worse yet, try to provide what we think the other needs based upon our ideas.
    Thanks for the reminder to ASK for what I need.

    • You’re welcome, Curtis. I’m glad it was a helpful reminder. It is easy to forget to ask, and it’s such a simple act. (Simple yet often scary…I suspect this is why many people don’t do it.) =)

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