Hello, Love!

Have you ever taken a risk and been overwhelmed with anxiety? I have!

The truth is that we live in a physical body that is affected by change, so no matter how hard we try to keep a level head, change will have some impact. The key is to lovingly care for ourselves in the midst of stress and transition.

Check out today’s support video:

Always remember there are lots of things you can do to support yourself.

I recommend the following options:

My friend, John Henry McDonald often says the best thing to do when you’re feeling lost or stressed is to pray, “Dear God. Please Help. Amen.” That is so simple, and I’ve been uttering those words a lot lately.

Please know in the midst of everything that I’m here rooting for you. You are not the only one in the world out there taking risks to live a life you love, even if you feel isolated on your journey. You are not alone, my friend!

Wishing you joy on your journey,

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4 comments on “What To Do With Anxiety When You Take a Risk”

  1. Love this!! Thank your sharing and being real and vulnerable. Often, we only hear the story in hindsight- I took these risks, and a great life came of it! But that can leave people scared to make a move when they feel their anxiety is abnormal.
    “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” – Georgia O’Keefe

  2. You have lots of good tips for dealing with anxiety. For me, meditation is the most effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. It’s my rock. I used to be a ball of anxiety. My daily meditation ritual first thing in the morning sets my day. Now, my anxiety level is reduced to zilch. I was also able to ditch my anti-depressant meds.

    I personally recommend the 10 day Vipassana meditation course. It’s incredible. dhamma.org

    They have centers around the world, excellent vegetarian meals, comfortable, clean housing and the best meditation instruction. It transformed me into a more peaceful, decent, calm human being. Can’t recommend it enough. Best part? It’s free! But they do accept donations from grateful students to pay it forward for future students. Now that’s the best endorsement of legitimacy for an organization. Love you Misty!

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