Welcome to Day 24 of the “No Limits” Challenge.//

Today’s lesson is a rather deep inquiry—What thoughts and beliefs are creating your life?

We so often find ourselves unconscious of the actual thoughts we think—unless we follow the breadcrumbs to discover what they are.

It’s actually quite easy to discover our thoughts, if we’re willing.

You see the effects of your thinking and beliefs leave clues which point to the actual thoughts themselves. When you’re operating with healthy thoughts and beliefs, you feel good inside, and you easily manifest your desires. When you’re operating with limited thinking and beliefs, you feel negative inside, and you have a difficult time manifesting your desires.

It’s as simple as observing how your life is going and using this as indicator of the thoughts and beliefs you are operating with.

For example—

I’ve personally struggled with creating an income since I left my private practice in Austin two years ago. The fact this is a struggle for me, is a clue that I’m holding thoughts and beliefs which are out of alignment with my desire to earn a living with DrMistyFunk.com.

Noticing the separation between my current reality and my desire, I can use this as an opportunity to explore what is going on inside. I can choose to open your heart with curiosity about what thoughts and beliefs are creating my current reality.

You can do the same thing.

Get curious and explore the faulty “programs” that are running behind the scenes when you’re ready!


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Identify what you want to work on.

Pick something in your life that isn’t working the way you would like, then identify what you really want.

My example—

What is not going well in my life—I’m running out of savings while working on following my dream of making a living with DrMistyFunk.com.

What I really want—To earn a living doing what I love to do. To live, work, and play all over the world spreading love and manifesting my wildest dreams.

Step Two: Use this digging tool to explore the limiting thoughts and beliefs that block you from manifesting your desire.

Digging Tool

1) Write down your desire at the top of the page.
2) Then say, “I want (state your desire), BUT—” and write down what comes to mind. (I want to earn a living with DrMistyFunk.com, BUT—no one wants to buy my products. I want to earn a living with DrMistyFunk.com, BUT—it isn’t “real” work so no one is going to value what I’m doing.)
3) Repeat this process until you’ve written down 10 to 15 reasons why you don’t have your desire.

Please Note: It’s important that you don’t judge the thoughts that come to you. They also don’t need to make any sense or even need to be true, as you can see in my examples above. Just create the space for your limited thoughts and beliefs to come to the surface.

Step Three: Send loving compassion to yourself. 

There is a very good reason you have created every limiting belief on your list. Take a moment to send loving compassion to yourself and to each belief. Bless each situation that has occurred in the past which created every limiting belief on your list.

For example—

One of my limiting beliefs has been “it’s easier to make money with  a service than a product“, so as I transitioned from offering chiropractic services (which I felt adept at offering) to creating a product-based website (with zero training), I cut off my income. Now at some level I know this belief isn’t true, but there must be a part of operating in my psyche (or something similar) as some self-limiting beliefs are obviously wreaking havoc in my life.

Once you identify a self-limiting belief, you can move into loving compassion for the part of yourself that feels a lack. You can love yourself as begin to  let go of damaging thoughts and beliefs. (For me:) I can find evidence of a lot of people making a living creating online products, so I know it’s possible. As I grow my confidence and self belief, I can loving let go of harmful beliefs.

Step Four: Begin to heal your limited thinking and beliefs.

There are so many ways to heal limiting beliefs. I personally use Inner Bonding, but there is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Sedona MethodNeuro-linguistic programming (NLP)ThetaHealing, and countless others.

I personally find it most effective to choose one technique to invest time and energy into, but other people use several techniques to heal limiting beliefs. Test out a few techniques until you find the best one for you, then take the time to start working on healing the beliefs that keep you from the life you desire.

Alright, my dear. Today’s lesson will hardly be accomplished in one sitting. You likely will work on healing limiting beliefs for much of your life. (Hope that doesn’t scare or discourage you. Hope it excites you—like going on an inner treasure hunt!)

When you take the time to observe what’s not working in your life and dig for the things that are keeping you from what you desire, you will find the keys to fulfillment.

I’m rooting for you!




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4 comments on “What Thoughts & Beliefs Are Creating Your Reality?”

  1. I used to engage in the exploration process you suggest, Misty, looking at wants and relating them to self-limiting beliefs, and experiencing lots of frustration in trying to ferret out these elusive beliefs that were apparently sabotaging my wants and my fulfillment. I finally gave it all up, took a deep breath and realized that this very process was probably the greatest barrier to living a truly creative life.

    I’m sorry to put it so bluntly but I really see this whole effort to manifest personal wants and desires as an ego-driven exercise that subverts the creative process of life. I seem to recall a Zen teaching that as long as fulfillment is being sought after, it will not come. But when desire rests and all seeking and searching cease the experience of fulfillment is allowed.

    It was so freeing when I finally gave up the struggle to get something and to find something in my past that was limiting me and simply focused on giving my all in blessing to the present circumstance in front of me. Though I wasn’t expecting anything, this surrender opened the floodgates of life and surprised me with many blessings.

    You mention techniques. There is a technique called “shadow work” that various people in spiritual circles use to supposedly to rid themselves of limiting beliefs, stories, trauma, etc. from out of their past. I have attended a couple of these clearing rituals and it was not pleasant. It seemed to me that when the shadows were extricated a lot of trauma was relived and a lot of life force was given to the shadows, fastening them even more firmly to the participants. Why give any energy to shadows? If something of this nature comes up in my life I simply keep expressing my creative spirit and don’t give it any attention. A person walking toward the light will not see a shadow.

    Does God have wants? God has everything. If I am identified with the truth of who I am, i.e. God in action on earth, how can I want anything? Maybe God does have one want and that is to have full access to my body, mind and heart while these are in form on earth. So this is the only want and longing that I can allow myself, and consequently my life’s work involves training these capacities to fully express who I am.

    • Hey, Jerry. I’m curious. I’ve read several comments over time that leads me to understand you believe having a want or desire is purely ego-centric. Is this true? Do you feel having wants and desires is wrong? Or not from God? Do you believe that God doesn’t want us to have wants?

      Regarding your experience with shadow work, I’m also curious. Why would bringing up past traumas and shadows be giving energy to them. Isn’t the purpose of shadow work to bring up this aspect of ourselves for healing? Did you not feel you were given the tools to look at the dark aspects of yourself in this experience.

      I agree trauma work (such as shadow work) can be greatly uncomfortable, and if someone doesn’t have the tools to manage the painful feelings that arise, it can be more damaging. I also suppose if a person is constantly digging up their shadows, they might be giving their energy to this aspect. I don’t however feel that a processes like shadow work, with proper guidance on how to manage the traumas that surface, is giving energy to our shadows. I personally feel bringing light to the dark places can release some their strong-hold in our lives.

      Also your comment—”A person walking toward the light will not see a shadow.”—is quiet beautiful, but I wonder how this analogy can be always true. Life seems to me a back and forth–moving toward the light and losing my way and living in the dark for awhile. For some people it can be escapism to refuse to look at our the places. Dr. Margaret Paul talks about a concept called a “Spiritual Bypass“, which occurs when people use God or Spiritual practices/beliefs/philosophies to avoid dealing with our wounded self (the shadow aspect you refer to). I’m in no way claiming this is what you are doing—just suggesting that some people could follow your suggestion as a way to not feel their feelings fully and avoid working on the hard-to-deal-with aspects of life.

      All of this said, I fully do acknowledge how you live your life works beautifully for you. I’ve known you for some time, and I admire your deep commitment to loving service. You live your life as a servant of God and do so with a warm and grateful heart. What a beautiful way to experience your time on Earth.

      Perhaps I will evolve over time to see your perspective as truth; perhaps I will find that what works for me today is my path.

      For the time being, I am not convinced that having wants and desires come purely from the ego, and I’m not sure I believe that God doesn’t want us to have wants and desires. Something feel off about this belief to me. I do believe we need to examine what drives our desires and wants. Some drivers are ego-centric; some I believe come from healthy place of discovering and living our purpose and wanting to make the world better place.

      I do agree with your sentiment regarding letting go and allowing God to show the right and perfect path. In fact, in many ways I find the exploration of my desires to be one of my biggest growth opportunities. Uncovering the limiting beliefs and ego-driven parts allows me to see where I’m out of alignment with God. I find it an important part of my personal growth and development work, and I don’t believe every one needs to follow the path that works for each of us. You are a clear and wonderful example of someone who has a path that works well, and our paths are different. Your comment helps me realize it’s important to emphasize that every process doesn’t work for every person.

      • Yes, I do feel that personal wants and desires such as we’re considering are evidence of a remnant of ego, or perhaps better put, of misidentification. The person is still identified with the human form with its capacity of consciousness rather than with the Reality or God Being that informs the form. As long as this separation is maintained the person, even on a spiritual path, will spend life in an illusory state grappling with wants and desires, assorted shadows and wounded states, and never really experiencing fulfillment. It is such a complicated, frustrating and exhausting process.

        How much more simple, easy and natural to just let go of all of this, realizing that in a sense we have no other responsibility or job on earth than to fill the immediate circumstance before us with the creative spirit that springs from our Divine Core of Love. No “wounded self” or shadow of any kind can stop me from doing this and if anything of this nature does happen to come up it can be rather quickly dissolved by the power of creation moving through me. I’m certainly not going to fondle or wrestle with this stuff; it has no substance; it isn’t who I am; so I just let it dissipate into the nothingness from which it came. There is no great mystery to handling darkness, just turn on the light!

        No, God does not want us to have wants or even questions. These are a sure sign of mere human identity, of victim identity. We are here as God in action of earth to provide the answer. The real “spiritual bypass” that you refer to is the refusal to accept this identity and to remain entrenched in the human drama with all of its wants, desires and vain attempts to find fulfillment.

        I have mentioned before that I love what you are doing, Misty, with your website and challenges because you are thinking about these things and exploring your life and encouraging others to do so. You are a being of such love, creative energy and grand potential. But it is a little sad for me at times to see you struggling with so many things, and I’m just hoping that my work with your website might in some way help to open the door to the freedom that you so diligently seek.

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