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Look in the mirror.
—Byron Katie

Welcome to the 30-Day Self-Compassion Challenge! I’m glad you’re here. This challenge is perfect if you’d like to become more loving and kind to yourself. Enjoy.

The Self-Compassion Course Curriculum:

Week 1: The Art of Blessing Yourself

Day 1 | What Is Self-Compassion?
Day 2 | A Blessing For Self Forgiveness
Day 3 | A Blessing For Mercy
Day 4 | A Blessing To Soothe Your Soul
Day 5 | Let The Gratefulness Flow Into Blessing All Around You
Day 6 | A Blessing of Unconditional Love
Day 7 | A Blessing To Follow Your Bliss

Week 2: Practical Tools To Generate Deep Self-Compassion

Day 8 | The RAIN of Self-Compassion
Day 9 | The Curative Power of Play
Day 10 | Nature Restores The Human Spirit
Day 11 | Find Someone You Can Really Share Yourself With
Day 12 | Create a Secret Mission
Day 13 | Pique Your Curiosity & Refill Your Creative Well
Day 14 | Quiet Your Mind & Your Soul Will Speak

Week 3: Be Present With Suffering

Day 15 | See Clearly Into The Nature of Suffering
Day 16 | Hold Sadness With Great Tenderness
Day 17 | Understand Anxiety With Loving Attention
Day 18 | Explore Your Anger With Gentle Inquiry
Day 19 | Transforming Physical Pain With Attentive Benevolence
Day 20 | Free Yourself From Judgement With A Shift In Perspective
Day 21 | Reduce Sleepless Nights With Self Soothing

Week 4: Self-Compassion Heroes

Day 22 | Within Every Adversity Is An Equal and Opposite Benefit
Day 23 | Overcoming The After Effects of Trauma With Sam Bloom and Penguin the Magpie
Day 24 | Overcoming Your Limitations With Nick Vujicic
Day 25 | What To Do When You’re Feeling Worn Out with Lisa Marie Jenkins
Day 26 | What To Do When You Worry and Ruminate About What Other People Think With Teal Swan
Day 27 | Accepting & Managing Our Helplessness Over Others and Our Circumstances With Dr. Margaret Paul
Day 28 | Do You Equate Your Self Worth With How Much Money You Make (Or Have)?
Day 29 | Redefining How You Achieve Success With Deshun Wang

Wrapping It All Up
Day 30 | How To Lovingly Care For Yourself When You Freak Out

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