The Prosperity Game: A 30-Day ChallengeThe Prosperity Game: A 30-Day Challenge
Click on the links to see where I went and how I decided to spend my money!

The Prosperity Game Q & A
Day 1: Just Warming Up
Day 2: A Few More Goodies
Day 3: InnerBonding 5-Day Intensive in Colorado
Day 4: My Murphy Bed & a Few Other Things
Day 5: A Scholarship for Val & Jewelry for Moi
Day 6: Surprise Grandma for her Birthday
Day 7: Crazy Christmas Extravaganza & Charity Bash
Day 8: Mediterranean Abraham-Hicks Cruise
Day 9: Surprise a Family Whose Mom Died of Cancer
Day 10: Wine & Cheese Event for 50 at the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden
Day 11: Filling My Tiny House to the Brim
Day 12: InnerBonding Intensive for a Friend & Me
Day 13: $1,000 for Thirteen Different Heroes
Day 14: A Trip to Fuji
Day 15: Money for a Friend Who’s Biking Across Asia
Day 16: A Trip to Ireland
Day 17: Go to Japan and Visit Six Japanese Gardens
Day 18 & Day 19
Day 20: Feral Cat Program in Terrell County
Day 21: Academic Scholarships to my Three Alma Mater
Day 22: Donation to the Fugee Family’s School
Day 23: I’m Stuffing it in a Reserve Fund
Day 24
Day 25: Seven Weeks In Italy
Day 26
Day 27: Traveling to Tea Houses All Over the World
Day 28: Care Packages for Entrepreneurs & Other Random Acts of Kindness
Day 29
Day 30: Visiting Libraries All Over the World

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