Welcome to Day Thirteen of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.


Hello, Dear One.

Is it just me or are you, too, experiencing great transition?

I feel as if I’m on a merry-go-round watching the world spin round-and-round.

When things change rather quickly, it can be hard to gain your footing.

You may feel ungrounded. You might feel you need to make decision when you don’t have all the facts. You may feel unsure and unsteady.

The good news is—even when you feel this way—you are always connected to a personal source of Guidance. Your Guidance is available to direct you no matter how dark and/or uncertain your life may be.

I’m likely not the only person who is experiencing great change and rapid transition. I’m also likely not the only one who needs to take a deep breath and re-connect within to their beautiful and wise Self.

Today’s Contemplation:

A Guided Visualization…

Take a look inside and see if you are experiencing any forms of transition. Allow yourself to explore how you feel about this situation. Do you feel any pressure? Are you forcing yourself to make a decision? Or on the contrary, have you been stalling on making the right decision?

Making a decision and taking action in times of transition can be really scary, but rest assured, you don’t need to do anything alone. I’m going to walk you through a guided visualization so you can connect within to your own powerful source of Guidance.

Here’s goes…

First, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Then imagine you are walking along a path to a place of utter peace and calm. When you arrive, you meet a wise mentor. Tell this being about your situation, and ask what you need to do (or not do) regarding the situation you identified.

Allow your wise mentor time to share his or her guidance. Feel the peace of their words. Then ask any questions you have regarding your situation. Sky’s the limit. You ask whatever you desire.

When you feel satisfied, ask your wise mentor to bless your life with utter peace and prosperity. Feel their blessing fill your body. Then ask your blessed Guide for help forgiving anything and everything that needs to be released so you can move forward with peace and harmony.

When you feel filled with complete peace and calm, thank your wise being and say Goodbye. Imagine yourself moving back into the room you’re currently in and slowly open your eyes.

Alright, dear one. I’m most curious what kind of experience you had. What life area surfaced for you? What advice did your wise mentor share? Comment on today’s blog post and share your experience with the group.

Wishing you peace and forgiveness in the midst of great change!




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Today’s Feature Image: “Soft” by DorkyMum on Flickr

3 comments on “Peace In The Midst Of Great Transition”

  1. What advice did my wise mentor share? Basically it was “Stop treating me as separate from yourself. I am who you are. You don’t need to take a walk in the woods or use some meditative technique to find me. Start acting as though I am you and you will begin to discover that it’s true. Then whatever pressure or life transition comes before you, just be who you are.”

    • Personally I find this easier said than done. I often forget that “we are all one”. I suppose this is the main disguise of the ego—that we are separate when in fact we are all one. That said, I do like being reminded and re-reminded. Do you stay in constant memory of who you are? (In other words, do you remember that we are all one?)

      • Yes I do stay in constant memory of who I am. The actions of my outer self of body, mind and heart have not always perfectly reflected who I am. There is some training involved. But it doesn’t really take a lot time for the outer capacities to really get it. It becomes natural and I don’t even have to think about it.

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