“It doesn’t matter what occupation you have.
You need to find happiness in who you are more than what you do.”
—Nick Vujicic

Hello, Love!

How often do you feel limited by one thing or another?

You know—you don’t have enough money to go on your dream vacation. You don’t have the knowledge to fix your laptop or that #$%@ overflowing toilet. You really want to attend this seminar and that workshop, but they both are too far way. You can’t take the time off of work because you’ll just have more work when you get back, and you can barely handle your current workload. You’re irritated because your body doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to, and you wear baggy clothes to cover over your uber sexy luv handles.

You are too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too this, and too that.

You know the drill!

If your mind is like mine, and it comes up with any number of reasons for why you can’t do or have what you really want, you’ll love today’s self-compassion role model.

Nick Vujicic demonstrates that no matter what limitations you feel you have, you always have a choice—to be angry for what you don’t have or to be thankful for what you do have.

I think you’re going to be warmed by the words Nick shares. Enjoy!

Today’s Video:

Your Self-Compassion Challenge:

Today I want you to take a few minutes and get present with one of your perceived disadvantages. Choose a single limitation, then put your hand on your heart and allow yourself to feel the effects of this constraint.

You may notice any number of emotions arise—pain or shame or disappointment. Let your feelings be there, and grace yourself with the gift of inner safety by noticing and acknowledging these feelings exist.

After you spend a few minutes being 100% present with the suffering caused by you limitation, I want you to imagine yourself in your mind’s eye giving this limitation to God (or the Universe or your Higher Self). Then imagine your Higher Self taking this limitation and throwing it into a fire. As this limitation burns into the nothingness it came from, hear your Higher Self share the unseen advantage of this perceived limitation.

Allow Guidance to tell you his or her special message. Savor the words of wisdom you receive, and let the pure radiant light of Truth set you free from any hurt and pain caused by the past. You are now free of this limitation! Rejoice, my friend. You are free!

Alright, sending you lots of love on this beautiful limitless day.



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Feature Image:Music Trio” by Pawel Loj on Flickr

4 comments on “Overcoming Your Limitations | Day 24 of the Self-Compassion Challenge”

  1. The limitation that comes up for me is simply the frailty of my physical body associated in part with the aging process. For the last 46 years I have been 40 pounds underweight for a person of my height. Some people battling obesity might consider this to be a blessing. But believe me this condition certainly has its physical issues, including a possible greater susceptibility to infections, dangerously low blood pressure and adrenal exhaustion.

    Of course all of this is nothing compared to what Nick Vujicic has to handle. And if he can have a victorious experience, what excuse does that leave anyone?

    An internal conversation with God sometimes comes up for me: “God, why do I have this limitation? Can’t you see how it’s limiting the spiritual work I can do on earth?” And God replies, “Jerry, don’t you see that a major part of your spiritual work is dealing creatively with this limitation? You are here on earth not to be free from limitations but to be free in limitations.”

    • It is wonderful to have a spiritual connection so one can dialog with the Divine. This is something I have been spending more and more time developing. In fact, today’s lesson, Day 9 of the “No Limits” Challenge is about this very topic—developing a direct line of communication with a personal source of Guidance. You, Jerry, are such a great example of someone who is living this reality.

      • Thanks for your kind remarks, Misty. Sustaining a dialog with the Divine throughout life is an essential spiritual practice, provided we don’t think of the Divine as separate from ourselves. The Guidance we receive is simply coming from another part of our being. Thanks again for the marvelous spiritual work that you are doing, Misty.

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