Penguin proved there is so much more love in the world than we could possibly imagine.
Regardless of how bad things get, compassion, friendship and support can come
from the most unexpected places. And no matter how lost, lonely, defeated or damaged we feel,
accepting the love of others and loving them in return, to whatever degree we can,
will help to make us whole again.

—Cameron Bloom

Hello, Love

I’ve spend the whole day researching and writing today’s email, and it has somehow disappeared. I have no idea what happened! At this point, I don’t have the heart to try to re-craft it, so I’m just going to share a beautiful story about Sam and Penguin Bloom, two lovely characters who helped heal one another from terrible trauma. Their story will warm your heart and wet your eyes.

I’m confident you will love it!

Today’s Compassion Video:

Your Self-Compassion Challenge: 

Enjoy all of the beautiful photos in this article, Penguin Bloom: How a Scruffy Magpie Saved a Family. It’s love made visible. Allow you heart to swell with love and tenderness as you savor the words.

And if you can’t get enough of Penguin and her family, check out their book—Penguin the Magpie: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Sending you lots of love and gentle healing, sweet friend.




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Featured Image: “Shadow Woman” by Amy of Flickr

Today’s post was written on a lovely outdoor patio in Alhaurín el Grande, Spain.

2 comments on “Overcoming The After Effects of Trauma With Sam Bloom and Penguin the Magpie | Day 23 of the Self-Compassion Challenge”

  1. I really enjoyed the video and photos of Penguin the Magpie. It reminded me so much of a pet pigeon I had for several years as a boy. The pure-bread homing pigeon was abandoned by its parents at birth and I fed and protected it and gave it a home on our front porch. When it grew up it remained my best friend. I had a large newspaper route that I did every day on my bike and the pigeon would perch on my shoulder as I was rolling and banding the papers and then would fly around with me when I delivered them.It also followed me to school. One day I was sitting near an open window of a second-floor classroom and the pigeon flew up to the ledge of the window and would have come into the classroom if I had not stopped him. I loved him so much and he gave me so much love in return. I simply called him Pigeon.

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