Welcome to Day Three of the 30-Days “No Limits” Challenge! //

Today’s lesson is all about becoming open, willing, and curious about your limiting beliefs about money.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through an inner dialog process that will help you explore what’s running behind the scenes. There is a really good reason you’ve learned or adopted all of the limiting beliefs on your list. Use today’s lesson to explore your money blocks with greater depth.

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Today’s Challenge:

** Be sure and watch today’s video as all of these steps are better explained.**

Please Also Note: This is the first three steps of Inner Bonding by Dr. Margaret Paul and Dr. Erica Chopich. You’ll see the Inner Bonding steps in italics.

Step 1: Pick one of your money beliefs from yesterday’s list. 

Now start thinking about that particular money limitation, and sit quietly as any feelings or body sensations arise. Welcome these feelings—gently allowing yourself to sit with these emotions and sensations. Avoid wanting to push your feelings aside or get distracted.

Step One of Inner Bonding: Willingness to Feel Your Feelings Fully and Take Responsibility for Your Feelings.

Step 2: Move into an intention to learn about the feelings or body sensations that arise.

For example, if you feel a sensation in the pit of your stomach, allow yourself to become curious about why that body sensation is there. This step requires compassionate curiosity and a willingness to learn about yourself.

Step Two of Inner Bonding: Move into the Intent to Learn

Step 3: Start to dialog with yourself to learn about what’s really going on inside.

This is an opportunity to learn what you might be telling yourself that is contributing to the feelings and sensations you feel. This step may really surprise you. You may just discover the hidden key to how you got this belief in the first place, and why you hold onto to it. Welcome any revelation you may discover.

Step Three of Inner Bonding: Dialogue with Your Wounded self and Core Self (for all six steps, visit here).

Alright, today’s lesson is all about exploring one limiting belief from your list from yesterday’s challenge. You don’t need to “do” anything with what you discover—only be curious, open, and willing to learn about yourself and what is in your highest good.

If you feel comfortable, share something that you learned on today’s post or on YouTube.

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