Welcome to the Open Heart Challenge!

This one wound up only being a 27-Day Challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Introduction: Want More Love in Your Life?
Day 1: The Benefits of Living with an Open Heart
Day 2: Unleash the Power of Your Heart By Blessing Everyone You Meet
Day 3: Release Negative Emotions with this Forgiveness Meditation
Day 4: Get 100% Clear About What You Really Want
Day 5: No More Fears, False Beliefs, & Excuses
Day 6: Are You Frustrated With Giving Yourself Up?
Day 7: Every Morning Can Be a Good Morning!
Day 8: Random Acts of Kindness
Day 9: What Are Your Dreams Telling You?
Day 10: Are You Beating Yourself Up?
Day 11: Mental Cleansing with Ho’oponopono
Day 12: Are You Secretly Longing For Love?
Day 13: Traveling the Tumultuous Road to Find Love
Day 14: Do You Believe “It’s Not Safe To Be Who You Are” in the World?
Day 15: Heart-Centered Breathing
Day 16: The Simple No Strategy (How to Say NO with Ease, Grace, & Respect)
Day 17: Bless Every Bill With Love
Day 18: Contributing Unconditionally
Day 19: Do You Ever Feel Lonely & Disconnected When You’re With Another Person?
Day 20: Open to Adventure
Day 21: Transform Fear
Day 22: Are You Open to Receive Support?
Day 23: How to Stay Open & Positive Even When Things Go Awry
Day 24: Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Feel Your Feelings Fully?
Day 25: Finding Peace in Chaos
Day 26: The Importance of Compassion During Illness & Injury
Day 27: Maintaining an Open Heart During Life Challenge with Jerry Kvasnicka
Day 28: Nurture Yourself
Day 29: Seeing With The Eyes of Gratitude
Day 30: Be a Smile Maker

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