Welcome to Day 30 of the “No Limits” Challenge. //

Congratulations! You made it. Today’s our final day, and what a journey it’s been.

I start every challenge thinking by the end I’ll have figured everything out, but you and I both know—life is a journey. Through this work, we are many steps closer to living our NO LIMITS LIFE, yet (very likely) we still have much to learn on our Earthly journey.

I quite like that.

To envision life as a journey with a beautiful, yet unknown, destination.

I like UNKNOWN when I fully trust that I am being Guided. (And I am!)

I like it when I trust that everything is working out for my highest good. (And it is!)

I like it when I trust that the Universe has something EVEN BETTER in store for me than I have the current capacity to imagine. (And it does!)

And this is true for ALL OF US! We can relax and lean into the unknown as we are in a state of trust.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Pull out the life area and intention you wrote on Day One’s Lesson.

Way back then—I invited to you to write down the area of your life you felt most limited in, and then I asked you to write an intention for this thirty-day challenge.

Here’s What I Wrote—

My Life Area Of Greatest Challenge: Money and income, in particular with creating a full-time income with this website, http://www.DrMistyFunk.com.

My Intention: I share so much love, joy, and passion, as well as, give so much value to my online community that money is naturally attracted to me. I have enough to live on and to share with others.

Step Two: Take a moment to reflect.

How do you feel? Are you closer to your intention? Is there anything you can do today to move closer to your intention?

My Progress Report—

Check out at what I manifested during this challenge!!! Don’t you just love the “FOR” line of this check?!?

Step Three: Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Do something today to celebrate going through this 30-Day challenge. Consider what would make you feel cherished, then take inspired action.

Let me know what you did to celebrate (or plan on doing) in the comments section below. You’ll find what I did to honor myself there, too

Alright, dear one. I hope you continue to move forward with living a NO LIMITS life. I know I will! I commit to continue to release anything that blocks me from living my fullest and highest potential

Much love,



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Today’s Feature Image: “Myanmar” by Neville Wooten on Flickr 

7 comments on “Onward & Upward To Living Without Limits”

  1. I really love your intro to this post, Misty. You’re right on when you write: “To envision life as a journey with a beautiful, yet unknown, destination.” And also: “We can relax and lean into the unknown as we are in a state of trust.” This is how I’m approaching the new year. I don’t know what it will bring, but I know that as long as I am bringing the truth of love in my living all things are ultimately “working together to perfection.” Everything is ascending for me, and through me for the whole body of humanity.

    I went back to Day 1 and was reminded that the primary limitation I wanted to work on involved public speaking: doing it spontaneously without any notes for at least fifteen minutes. At one of our last community gatherings here at Sunrise Ranch I spoke without notes to an audience of about thirty and went on for nearly fifteen minutes. I also injected a lot of humor into the speech that really brought the house down. It was wonderful fun.

    So I guess I accomplished my goal, at least on that evening. To celebrate? Well, maybe I’ll drink a glass of wine in your honor, Misty. Thank you for stimulating so many creative thoughts during these thirty days.

    • What a joy to read your accomplishment. Way to go, Jerry!

      I love your vision for the New Year. That inspires me. I’ve not really found a focus for this year, but I know it will be a more intrinsically motivated focus—thanks to you! =)

  2. I am taking a coupe of days off from my handyman work and celebrating my birthday (month) starting now. It is actually on Saturday but I start early and celebrate it all month. Why just celebrate for one day as custom would suggest? Got lots of activities planned for the weekend including making sausage from scratch in Walburg!

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