Welcome to the 30-Day No Limits Challenge!

I’m so glad you’re here. In this 30-Day course we’re going to explore the creation of a life without limits! We cover four primary topics: money, relationships, self-worth, and creation. This course teaches you how to tap into your fullest potential so you can live the most full-on life possible. I hope you’ll consider taking this audacious 30-Day challenge.

Good Luck!




Course Introduction
Day 1: What Does It Mean To Live With No Limits? 

Week One: Money
Day 2: Start Exploring Your Self-Limiting Beliefs About Money (And How They Affect Your Life)
Day 3: Openly and Willingly Explore Your Money Limitations
Day 4: Your Higher Guidance Is Key To Fulfilling Your Potential
Day 5: A Super Powerful Question You Must Start Asking Today
Day 6: Getting Clear About The Deeper Needs You Hope Money Will Fulfill
Day 7: You Can Earn Money Doing What You Love To Do
Day 8: It’s Time To Dream So Big That You Are Busting With Excitement About What Is Possible

Week Two: Relationships
Day 9: Are You Giving Yourself The Friendship You Desire From Others?
Day 10: You Are Never Alone
Day 11: Get 100% Clear About What You Desire In A Love Relationship With These Three Lists
Day 12: Holding Space For Yourself When You Need It Most
Day 13: When Do You Risk Speaking Up For Yourself?
Day 14: Making Way For Something New & Improved
Day 15: Explore Your Dream Relationships

Week Three: Self Worth & What You Feel You Deserve
Day 16: Are You Shutting Down The Good The Universe Is Giving To You?
Day 17: Are You Joyfully Receiving The Abundance You Truly Deserve? 
Day 18: What’s Stopping You?
Day 19: Lovingly Healing Yourself When You Get Triggered
Day 20: Developing A Strong Sense of Belonging
Day 21: How Do You Define Your Value and Self Worth?
Day 22: When You Ask, The Universe Delivers

Week Four: Creation, Creativity, & What You’re Creating In Your Life
Day 23: You Are Creative (Even If You’re Not An Artist)
Day 24: What Thoughts & Beliefs Are Creating Your Reality?
Day 25: What if ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING were possible?
Day 26: Give Yourself Permission
Day 27: How To Create A Peaceful Environment For Yourself & Others
Day 28: Five Things That Will Make This Year Epic
Day 29: Love Is The Ultimate Currency

Course Wrap Up
Day 30: Onward & Upward To Living Without Limits

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