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Many people have asked why I decided to take a two-year sabbatical, and I’ve always found it difficult to fully articulate. To provide curious minds with clarity, I finally put together the details of my story and gave a talk at the Val Verde Public Library in Del Rio, Texas.

In this talk, I tell the story of transitioning from my private practice in Austin, Texas, to take a two-year sabbatical—both a personal spiritual journey and a creative entrepreneurial endeavor. I share the fears that surfaced from leaving everyone and everything behind (including my income). You’ll hear how I I moved from one of the most popular and fastest growing cities in the US to one of the most remote areas in the US—all because my own Inner Guidance “told me to”. My friends and my family and (a part of me) thought I was crazy!

The Good News:  Life has proved to be quite an adventure! It’s all working out, and I’m learning a ton. Even my mom is on-board now. Well, for the most part. I’m happy to report I foresee her bragging, “my daughter is an internet entrepreneur” very soon.

The Bad News: I AM crazy, and that’s A-okay!

Here’s what my talk is about:

  • Overcoming fear and finding the courage to take the necessary risks in order to manifest the life you really want.
  • Following your inner voice (the voice of your Guidance)—even when your logical mind can’t figure out a detailed plan that “works”.
  • A fun list of the “miracles” that have occurred in the past six months—prepare to be WOWed, encouraged and inspired!
  • Several of the books that have influenced me—including the one book that planted the “seed” of this whole journey.

Please Note: The talk was made in June of 2016, and I gave it in the middle of the library (talk about intimidating)! Since I was not in a private meeting space, you can hear ambient noise during the recording. My apologies!

Also watch my sabbatical story which was recorded in May of 2017. Much has happened since the recording!


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Me at an Austin Public Library branch before one of my talks in 2015.
Can you spot the Unabomber and Bozo (as mentioned in my recorded talk)?

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