Welcome to Day Nine of the 30 Days of Forgiveness. 

Today marks the beginning of our second week, and our focus will be forgiving life circumstances.


Hello, Love

The news is filled with all sorts of dramas and tragedies these days—the devastation or hurricanes, sexual misconduct and highly publicized firings, open enrollment for 2018 health insurance, Brexit, the never-ending hoopla regarding Trump, etc.

I never watch tv and almost never read about the news, but I confess this past week I got sucked into the recent attention regarding sexual misconduct, as well as, getting absorbed in copious amounts of data about the current health insurance market.

I told myself I was being an “informed” citizen, but in reality I found the things were really only feed inginto my fear and uncertainly about the future.

At some point—when Sean tired of hearing my repetitive concerns—he gently pointed out that the media had “done it’s job”. These sources had got me reeling in so much fear and drama that I was spending hours talking about my concerns, tweeting, emailing friends, and unconsciously consuming more and more content—thinking I would find answers to my concerns and solutions to assuage my fears.

Was Sean right? Was my consumption of information really informing me or was it was hooking me into patterns of fear and anxiety?

Frankly, in my case, I think Sean was right, so I took appropriate action to stop this destructive behavior. After this experience, I urge you, too, to take a look at what life circumstances are absorbing an unnecessary amount of your time, energy, and attention.

Today’s Contemplation:

Are there any life circumstance occurring locally, nationally, or globally, that affect your sense of well-being and/or your ability to be productive at work?  If so, take a few minutes today to just sit with the underlying situation/s that you are trying to control by complaining, worrying, and consuming more and more news, articles, and content.

Put your hand on your heart and gently say to yourself, “I lovingly accept the (insert the emotions you feel). I love myself and therefore, I set myself free. Envision yourself sending these worries and concerns up to the light (of God) for healing. Notice any differences.

You’ll often feel lighter and brighter as you release your worries and concerns. If you do, just sit for another minute and enjoy the warmth and joy of these feelings.

If instead you feel other negative emotions rise within you, lovingly accept those, too. Repeating to yourself, “I lovingly accept you (then name the emotion/s), and I dearly and truly love myself, so therefore I give all circumstances I can’t control over to God (or insert the word or phrase that feels best to you) for releasing and healing.”

Feel free to adapt the words to feel authentic, and most importantly, use wording regarding your Higher Power (or Guidance) that resonates with you personally.

Alright, dear one. One of the best ways to manage the pain of life is to lovingly accept our negative emotions and fears and give them to God—instead of getting wrapped up in trying to control things out of our control and protect by worrying and closing our hearts.

Life is both full of wonder and pain, and the way we manage the pain of life can make a huge difference on the path to healing, forgiveness, and recovery.

Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

Sending you lots of love on your journey,



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2 comments on “Managing The Pain of Life On Our Path To Forgiveness and Healing”

  1. Even when the different forms of media try to inform or protect us their real agenda is to get us to consume more of the media along with the rest of the “herd”. It is definitely their hidden agenda even when they try to convince us that the weather is too bad to go out. They are really trying to keep us tuned to their source of advertising revenue. I used to think I had to watch the news before going to bed and then try to sleep through that bad news they ladle out in copious amounts. The local news is their biggest source of revenue so they tickle their subjects all day long and have the prettiest talking heads to look at. All stuff that we don’t need to live our lives.

    • The fascinating thing to me is even though I know this, I still get wrapped up in the drama from time-to-time. I do think it’s important to lovingly address the things that trigger up or cause us unnecessary worry and concern. There is always a good reason for our behaviors if we take time to learn about ourselves. Thanks for your comment, Curtis.

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