Welcome to Day Three of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.


Hello, Love

As we work though this thirty day series, I keep hearing a thought over and over in my head—Forgiveness is a way of being.

I intuitively feel these words are an instruction from my Higher Guidance.

Don’t you just love those words—Forgiveness is a way of being? I do. Yet as I write them I’m not really sure what they mean or how to implement them.

As I researched this post, I found a simple way to start in Tina Louise Spalding’s book, Making Love To God (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Spalding writes—

Go inside and see where there are resentments. For some, this is a scary process. The ego will counsel you otherwise, as if it knows you are trying to kill it, but what you are really doing is releasing it—and not in a violent way. So think and see the one for whom you have unforgiveness, and at first simply put a white light around them. You do not need to forgive—just see them and put a white light around them. This will suffice at first…

How soothing is her instruction? No long drawn out process to go through. No time dwelling on our grievances. Just a simple act to begin to heal our heart.

Today’s Call To Action:

Go inside and think of a person or situation that you have some grievance with. Then imagine surrounding this person or situation with healing white light. Do this for a few minutes allowing your body to relax. Open your heart and allow the possibility that The Universe can heal this situation.

Then each time you think of this person or situation today, just put a white light on the problem, and let your Higher Guidance do the rest.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As I work through my issue, I have become increasingly aware of the feeling of anger regarding the situation. I feel this as a burning sensation my throat, and sometimes, a tightness in my chest. I’ve been surrounding these areas with white light, as well. I don’t personally find it enough to focus healing energy on the other person or on the situation. I feel we must also heal the effects to our own well-being. Try it and see what results you get.

Alright, Love. If you’re like me and tend to be a bit confused about the “how to” of forgiveness, consider integrating this process as a way of being. If you think you’ll forget to do this process, set an alarm on your phone. Then when your reminder goes off, bring up the situation in your mind and surround it with white light. Allow your Higher Guidance to step in and help you release this matter.

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Today’s Feature Image: “A white light breaks the incoming sunset” by Roberto Faccenda on Flickr

2 comments on “Making Forgiveness A Way Of Being”

    • =) The mind is always demanding answers, right? With the situation I’m working through, it’s been hard to just sit and do this simple meditation. I think a part of us just wants to solve the problem quickly and without any suffering, but strangely by trying to get rid of the pain and the problem, we just prolong the suffering.

      Have you tried being curious about this experience? Maybe try asking the interrogation lamp what it hopes to achieve. Or saying “I know you’re trying to control the outcome and ease the pain, but interrogation isn’t helpful.”

      I personally have observed my mind asking the same useless questions over and over again—even though I know I’ll never be able to answer these questions. (Questions like: Why is this happening to me? How can they stand to listen to their own dogs bark constantly? How can they stand to be in their own home?)

      The truth is I don’t think we’ll ever fully understand some things, and interrogation just feel like another way I try to control an outcome that I have no control over.

      Oh, forgiveness. Why can’t you be easier? (See I’m asking one of those useless questions again!) =)

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