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Hello, Love

I was so high today.

I’m staying at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, marveling at the grandeur of the fall season. The leaves are changing colors, the pumpkins are out, and the temperature is perfect. I’m also in the company of sweet, sweet friends.

Despite all of the love and joy present, I happened to experience something that really triggered me. It literally took me from feeling as if I was in Heaven on Earth to feeling that I’d crashed and burned.

Surely you’ve experienced something similar. In one moment you are high on life, then suddenly you hit rock bottom. 

The interesting thing for me—in this situation—the experience was truly benign. There was no malicious intent. No one mistreated me or did anything to intentional hurt me, but my reaction to the situation left me stunned—like a deer in headlights. I was so affected I had to excuse myself so I could go take loving care of myself.

Now I openly admit, I got really, really lucky.

Someone noticed my emotional reaction and stepped in with a loving-kind process that gently guided me back to inner safety, and I got so much from her wisdom that I can’t help but want to share some of it with you.


Today’s Challenge:

I want to start with this—know and trust that every experience which triggers you is a prime opportunity for your healing and personal growth.

Honestly, it’s my hope that each of us can learn and integrate this belief before we experience our next trigger. If so, any trigger which occurs will merely be an indicator light letting us know we have some healing to do.

Step One: As soon as you notice you’ve been triggered, find a quiet place to be alone.

Finding a quiet, safe place where you can taking loving care of yourself and connect with your Higher Self. Please also note, you can do this process with a trusted friend or facilitator, if you need assistance.

Step Two: Really honor where you are and how you feel in this very moment.

So often we pile lots of other things on top of the feeling of being triggered. We may feel embarrassed or ashamed. We blame the other person or ourselves. We take other people’s behavior personally, and all of this additional energy makes the underlying experience of being triggered even more emotional than it already is.

The most loving kind thing you can do is to sit with compassion for the part of you that is a deep well of emotion. Provide a safe space for yourself to feel your feelings fully. Just allow them to be.

Step Three: Ask yourself what this situation reminds you of.

Now is the time to use your imagination. Let your imagination take you to a time and place (either real or made up).

Don’t get stuck if you feel you’re making things up. This part of the process is purely for healing and releasing the emotions which are stuck in your body and/or memory—the emotions that were triggered by the situation that occurred to you. It does not matter if you remember something that really happened or if your energy mind takes you to a imagined place.

For example, you may see this situation reminds you of a time when your second grade teacher shamed you in front of the whole class. Just be there with that sweet little seven year old who experienced the deep humiliation and embarrassment of this terrible experience.

Step Four: Ask your Higher Guidance to come in and assist you in this situation.

Now envision your Higher Guidance arriving on the scene, and ask your guide, “What can you tell me about this situation that will help me heal and release this trigger?” Then allow your Guide to share any message/s.

Allow yourself to ask any other questions you need answers to. There are no wrong questions. Your Higher Guidance is here to help you at all times, and you’ll be surprised what you learn from this process—even if you feel you’re making things up.

Step Five: Thank your Higher Guidance and give yourself the space to do any additional healing work you feel led to do.

Any time you do this process know that healing doesn’t always happen instantaneously. You may need to take a nap or take the rest of the day off. If you’re at work, do anything you can to care for yourself, even if it’s going to the bathroom or closing your office door every so often and just breathing deeply. Trust whatever loving action comes to you, and be willing to give yourself a few days to heal and release this experience.

Alright dear one. I know that when things like this happen, we can feel alone and uncertain. Being triggered is never fun. It’s a really hard experience, and it can take us back to difficult parts of our past. Gentle kindness with yourself is key to fully healing trauma, and please always get loving guidance from a trusted friend or therapist if you feel you aren’t up to doing this on your own.

Wishing you lots of love and healing on your journey.




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2 comments on “Lovingly Healing Yourself When You Get Triggered”

  1. When it comes to triggering, the primary thing to remember is that it is just your emotions that are being triggered, it isn’t you. You are not your emotions; they are simply a faculty of perception that tells you something about your world. So even though there may be a seemingly irresistible urge to react in anger or some other negative behavior, you will not be victimized by your emotions and let them take control.

    You are in control and you have the power to transmute even the most negative and even violent emotion and release this turbulent energy as a blessing. Yes, it is as you indicate, Misty, “a prime opportunity for healing and personal growth.” To me this means that your emotions may learn to become more obedient to the truth of who you are.

    • It’s interesting that I am commenting on a day were I have been triggered. While I agree with your statement, “You are not your emotions; they are simply a faculty of perception that tells you something about your world.” I don’t always know what to do with the info my (negative) emotions bring.

      Regarding my current trigger, I am left with one vital question—What is the need that is not being met? I feel there is a good reason I’m feeling the way I am, but I can’t figure out how to meet my need. (In this case, a need for a quiet, peaceful living environment.) In so many areas of life we are helpless over others, circumstances, and outcomes. I am helpless over the four barking dogs next door. I can voice my concerns and have, but I can not control the dogs or their owners.

      I re-read this post and worked through the challenge, as it is so pertinent to my situation. I do feel better as I consult my Higher Guidance and trust that Guidance knows what is in my highest good. It’s so much easier to be at peace when you aren’t reliant on your mind to figure everything out. =)

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