Welcome to Day 29 of the “No Limits” Challenge.

When I left Austin early last year to go on sabbatical, I was deeply afraid of giving up my income. I was excited about the adventure of it all—of moving somewhere new, somewhere I’d only been once. I was curious about how my life would turn out.

But mostly—I was scared.

The biggest road block I had was the fear that I would run out of money; strangely twenty-one later, I’m still sitting with the very same fear.

Today as I was processing some of this fear using some of the techniques in Margaret Lynch’s book, Tapping Into Wealth (Amazon Affiliate Link), I had a stroke of insight. 

It was the very same thing Guidance instructed me when I left Austin.

I heard—

Love Is The Ultimate Currency.

Suddenly I saw myself creating a Thank You card for my friend Jerry, who invited me on my recent visit to Colorado. I saw myself giving the check for my property tax with a sincere blessing and a smile. I saw myself sitting down to type this lesson with a heart full of joy, love, and gratitude.

This flash of insight completely shifted my state.

I went from imagining what my life would be like when I ran out of money (not a pleasant scene) to feeling intense joy.

From the get-go, I knew making the leap of faith necessary to leave my private practice in order to create an income with DrMistyFunk.com would not be easy one. I knew, without doubt, that my online content had to come from a state of love—not from fear or any desperate attempt for money. I knew that my path did not have to be one of struggle.

Yet struggle was what I had spent most of my day playing out in my mind.

When we’re in a mindset of struggle and strife, it’s impossible to gift the world with our love, and love IS the ultimate currency. It’s impossible to allow our light to shine when we’re contemplating dealing with the worst case scenario. It’s impossible in a state of fear to give ourselves the greatest gift we have—trust.

Trust that we are always taken care of. Trust that the Universe (God) has our back. Trust that we have what it takes to succeed.

…and we do have what it takes…


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Honor where you are at in this very moment.

Put your hand on your heart and just be with yourself. If you’re feeling negative feelings, please know they are there for a reason. Send loving compassion to yourself.

Step Two: Repeat after me, “LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE CURRENCY”.

Take a few deep breaths and repeat this mantra, “Love is the ultimate currency.

Then begin to imagine yourself literally using love for every transaction you’d normally use money for. Quite simply—pay with love. Greet each person you see with a smile and send them love from your heart. If you see a homeless person or person who is seeking a donation, give them love and your good blessing. Pay for dinner with love; in fact, invite a friend and pay for their dinner, too. Pay your bills with love. Buy yourself something you’ve really been wanting with love. Book a vacation to your desired destination. See yourself paying for this entire action with love, and see PAID IN FULL written on all the receipts. Enjoy your vacation and tip every person who assists you generously. See yourself creating your entire world using love as the true form of currency.

Step Three: Take this feeling of love and share it.

After your visualization comes to a close, find some way that you can demonstrate the love you feel in your heart. It can be as simple as giving your spouse and/or child/ren warm loving hugs. Sweep your neighbor’s porch or bring them flowers. Send a friend a card to let them know you’re thinking of them. Do anything you feel inspired to do as a visible act of love.

Alright, dear one. Whatever you  do today (and every day), do it with love.




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4 comments on “Love Is The Ultimate Currency”

  1. Love is indeed the ultimate currency, and I’m thankful you communicated this so decisively in this post, Misty. Love is the source of all energy: physical, mental, emotional and vibrational. It’s what lights the sun and makes the world go ‘round. So if we do everything, as you suggest, Misty, with love, then we are coordinating with the design of creation.

    But it has to be the TRUTH of love. In the upside-down world that human beings in their fallen state of consciousness have made it is often some DISTORTION of love that is expressed. The energy of love is twisted emotionally into the ABC’s (accusation, blame and criticism) and twisted physically into violence of all kinds, including terrorism. Yes, terrorists are some of the world’s greatest lovers! They love their perverted beliefs so much that they’re willing to kill others and even themselves for them. But it’s all a terrible distortion of love.

    So our job on earth is to express love according to its true nature: the design and control of truth. To me this means expressing the qualities of Divine character (integrity, nobility, dignity, generosity, etc.) in everything I do, blessing everyone and everything I encounter, doing everything I can to create and enhance life on earth.

    As I indicated in a blog I recently posted on the Sunrise Ranch website and which you have read, Misty, in the original or natural state of life on earth money or its equivalent gravitated toward the expression of the truth of love, i.e. love brought abundance. But in the state of greed and self-centeredness that human beings have created this natural flow has been disrupted. So part of our purpose on earth is to restore the natural flow by consistently bringing the true nature of love in our living.

    • I love this expression, Jerry. “So our job on earth is to express love according to its true nature.” Your list of noble characters has proven to be very useful to me. Thanks again for your contributions. =)

  2. Just before I received this I was having a crisis of trust in myself, because I made an error in a simple project that caused me self berating and stress. The past was causing me to be stuck—afraid to go to my next project. Paralysis in my life because I had made an error fixing something and afraid to making another mistake if I got moving. Perfectly timed was the arrival of this post. I allowed myself to forgive the error and move to the next task where I had an excellent outcome and was acknowledged by my customer for my work. I also felt a deep personal satisfaction that I had performed to meet my standards as well. Thanks for the timeliness of your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In InnerBonding, they teach the Wounded Self berates, criticizes, and judges ourself thinking it will “make us do better next time”. Strange, huh? When, as you have experienced, doing this causes all kinds of pain and suffering. I catch myself doing the same, and I tend to move into overwhelm, then feel exhausted and can’t do a thing. What a mess! I’m glad today’s lesson was able to help snap you out of paralysis. There is something really beneficial about intentional shifting into a state of love when we’re feeling triggered. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s such a compassionate, kind thing to offer oneself. What gift, right? ❤ PS. Congrats on a job well-done! I’m glad your customers are thoughtful and kind enough to appreciate your hard work.

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