How many times have you have you risked sharing your gifts and talents with the world? If you’re like me, you feel the deep fear that can arise when you really share yourself with others.

Today’s video shows me celebrating risking it all to share my work with the world for over the past two and a half years!

I show you this, because I want to encourage you to take more risks and share who-you-really-are. Dare to be you! Dare to be bold and gift the world with everything you have to offer.

I promise you—it’s worth enduring every scary feeling to authentically share the real you with the world! 

If you don’t believe me, watch this YouTube video. (PS. Be sure and check out 16:11. Poignant, right?)



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2 comments on “It’s Scary To Put Your Work Out In The World, But You Can Do It!”

  1. Wow, just seen today’s video. I’m committed to giving everything. I offer it all up to Life but in the dance give my input assertively, positively, and with thanks. Happiness is a byproduct of fully being oneself to me. If I or anyone push things under the carpet, after a hile you can’t walk on it anymore. I find the right spirit, words, place and time to express myself. Only I can express what’s mine and once I have the picture changes, and even if it’s not to my preferred outworking, I have put my bit in, transcending fear many times. This is a part of pioneering in my view. The entrepreneur definition was great. Thank you all, Laurance in England.

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