If you need support managing your negative emotions, Inner Bonding may be the very thing you need. It transforms my anxiety and stress into inner peace and joy—every time, and due to the loving support from this process, I felt compelled create this 30 day series. I hope it does justice into sharing this powerful technique with you.

Holding space for your growth and healing, sweet one.




PLEASE NOTE: I am not an Inner Bonding facilitator or leader, I’m just a regular gal who has personally used this technique to transform my life. I highly recommend that you reach out to an Inner Bonding Facilitator, if you want more information or personalized help.


Course Content

Introduction: The 30-Day Inner Bonding Challenge
Day 1: Learning the Six Steps of Inner Bonding
Day 2: Exploring Nervousness & Wanting to “Do It Right”
Day 3: The Two Types of Negative Feelings (Wounded Feelings & Core Painful Feelings)
Day 4: Exploring Sadness
Day 5: Exploring Insomnia
Day 6: Exploring a Block
Day 7: Exploring Your Core Essence
Day 8: Exploring the Self-Criticism “I Am Not Doing Enough”
Day 9: Ugh! Exploring the Self-Judgement “My Hair is Not Perfect”
Day 10: The False Belief “All of My Hard Work Is For Nothing”
Day 11: Moving from Nervousness to Joy
Day 12: Guidance’s Advice on Manifestation (Becoming an Inner Bonding Facilitator)
Day 13: Is Coffee Causing My Anxiety?
Day 14: Why am I Resisting What is Good for Me?
Day 15: Dealing with Disappointment
Day 16: Unlocking Your Joy by Fully Embracing Your Pain
Day 17: Why Do I Feel Exhausted All the Time?
Day 18: Turning Discomfort Into Radiant Sunshine
Day 19: [Be Prepared to Laugh!] The Toilet Paper Drama
Day 20: Exploring the Heartbreak of Poverty & Homelessness
Day 21: Dealing with the Loss of Friendship
Day 22: My InnerBonding Success Story
Day 23: Healing Shame This post landed me an epic RV road trip from Anchorage to Denver!
Day 24: Fear Tells Us What We Must Do
Day 25: Exploring the Anxiety of Traveling with a Friend
Day 26: Does InnerBonding Cause Us to Placate Our Feelings?
Day 27: Connecting with Guidance
Day 28: Do You Let Fear Stop You When You Are Attracted To Someone?
Day 29: Are You Playing Small When Dating?
Day 30: From Withdrawing & Avoiding Conflict to Inner Peace

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