innerbonding-challenge-day-1The 30-Day Inner Bonding Challenge

An Introduction to the 30-Inner Bonding Challenge
Day 1: Learning the Six Steps of Inner Bonding
Day 2: Exploring Nervousness & Wanting to “Do It Right”
Day 3: The Two Types of Negative Feelings (Wounded Feelings & Core Painful Feelings)
Day 4: Exploring Sadness
Day 5: Exploring Insomnia
Day 6: Exploring a Block
Day 7: Exploring Your Core Essence
Day 8: Exploring the Self-Criticism “I Am Not Doing Enough”
Day 9: Ugh! Exploring the Self-Judgement “My Hair is Not Perfect”
Day 10: The False Belief “All of My Hard Work Is For Nothing”
Day 11: Moving from Nervousness to Joy
Day 12: Guidance’s Advice on Manifestation (Becoming an Inner Bonding Facilitator)
Day 13: Is Coffee Causing My Anxiety?
Day 14: Why am I Resisting What is Good for Me?
Day 15: Dealing with Disappointment
Day 16: Unlocking Your Joy by Fully Embracing Your Pain
Day 17: Why Do I Feel Exhausted All the Time?
Day 18: Turning Discomfort Into Radiant Sunshine
Day 19: [Be Prepared to Laugh!] The Toilet Paper Drama
Day 20: Exploring the Heartbreak of Poverty & Homelessness
Day 21: Dealing with the Loss of Friendship
Day 22: My InnerBonding Success Story
Day 23: Healing Shame This post landed me an epic RV road trip from Anchorage to Denver!
Day 24: Fear Tells Us What We Must Do
Day 25: Exploring the Anxiety of Traveling with a Friend
Day 26: Does InnerBonding Cause Us to Placate Our Feelings?
Day 27: Connecting with Guidance
Day 28: Do You Let Fear Stop You When You Are Attracted To Someone?
Day 29: Are You Playing Small When Dating?
Day 30: From Withdrawing & Avoiding Conflict to Inner Peace

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