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Hello, Love

Yesterday we took time to explore the life situations that were draining us of our precious life energy. Many of the things on our lists are things we can do very little to remedy.

One person mentioned Monsanto and GMO crops. Another person voiced concerns about a topic I’ve never heard of—a large increase in the number of “sealed indictments”. One voiced frustration with taxation and how our money is being used, and another mentioned that social media has affected how everyone feels about themselves.

In the midst of great transition, we can all feel a heightened intensity and confusion. It can be overwhelming to see the sheer number of concerns that affect us all.

So how do we find a place of center and peace, when so many things feel broken and/or spiraling out of control?

Today’s Contemplation:

Take out your list from yesterday and start this simple exercise.

Begin by placing your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths. Then one-by-one, say each concern aloud. Allow yourself to feel where this concern resides in your body and focus your attention on this area. Give yourself just a moment to honor and acknowledge this body sensation.

Next imagine the sensation you feel in your body turns into a black smoke. Allow this smoke to float up toward a bright white light for cleansing and healing. As the smoke floats out of your body toward the bright white light, say aloud, “I release this concern (name the concern) to God for healing. I am divinely protected in all of my affairs. I let go of this concern (again, name it), and I set myself free.

Go through each item on your list and release all of your worries and concerns.

Here’s An Example:

Using my concern about electronic devices and EMFs from yesterday’s post.

I would start by placing my hand over my heart and taking a few deep breathes. When I feel centered and grounded I would say, “Electronic devices and EMFs” aloud. Then I wait and see where I feel this concern within my body.

I feel this in two places inside my body—as a tightness my heart area and as a burning in my throat. Then either simultaneously or one-at-a-time, I would focus on the areas of sensation, acknowledging and honoring where this concern resided in my body. Then I would allow this sensation to turn into a thick black smoke. I would watch it move toward a bright white light above my head.

Then I would say out loud, “I release any concern about electronic devices and EMFs sending this concern to God for healing. I am divinely protected in all of my affairs. I let go of every bit of my concerns regarding electronic devices and EMFs, and I set myself free.

I would wait until all of the smoke had disappeared before I moved onto the next concern. I might also do this exercise several times for the same concern until I felt all of the sensations had left my body.

Alright, dear one. You may notice the same concern resides in several places in your body such as my example above. You may also notice your body sensations move around. For example, you may release a tightness in your chest, only to have the same concern manifest as a pain in your stomach. Allow each concern to change shape and form as it releases from your body, and go through the same process for each body area until you have released the concern completely to the light for healing.

If this is the first time you’ve done an emotional release technique like this, it may seem a bit strange. That’s okay. Just patiently allow yourself to learn a new tool of releasing negative stuck energy.

As you practice this simple technique, you will begin to notice you feel lighter and more free inside.

Many people feel their physical health improves as they release the emotional hold their worries and concerns have on them. Start to notice if you feel more energy or if you get a better night’s sleep as you release and let go of the things you have little to no control over.

Post your experience with today’s exercise in the comment’s section below.

Sending you lots of love today,



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2 comments on “How To Let Go of The Things You Can Not Control”

  1. As I mentioned in the day 11 comment the various concerns that I have to handle—income taxes, Direct TV bills, prescription drugs and the complex and frequently changing postal rate system—do not really weigh me down or drain my energy. In other words, these concerns do not have an emotional hold on me.

    The critical difference in handling such “worries and concerns” has to do with basic orientation and identity. If you are coming at them from below, as a mere human being who is in some measure victimized by such things, there will be a problem, and the exercise you suggest, Misty, may be useful in seeking to clear them. But if you are looking at them from above, from the truth of who you are as Creator Being, these issues, no matter how perplexing, are no match for the power of creation moving through you.

    • I like your description, “if you are looking at them from above, from the truth of who you are as Creator Being, these issues, no matter how perplexing, are no match for the power of creation moving through you.” That feels really good!

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