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Hello, Love

Is your mind often clouded with worry and rumination?

Maybe you indulge a little too often in overthinking a problem, or you forgo doing what you really want because you don’t know if your effort will be worth it.

What about worrying about what other people will think of you. Is your work, your living space, your car, your clothes good enough, you ask? Are you good enough?

Oh, then there are those times when you buy into the belief that you’re lazy when the truth is you just need to take a break and recharge your batteries, and what about the times when you avoid the Truth because it hurts too much?

For example, maybe you’re working in a job or career that not only underutilizes your gifts and talents, but it also doesn’t make you happy.

No matter how many times these worries crop up, please remember—you are not alone.

Most of us struggle with these concerns from time-to-time.

Today’s Contemplation:

How is worry affecting your life? Is there even one fear or concern that occupies too much your time? What is going on inside that you need to forgive and release?

Allow yourself to sit with any worry today and just nurture yourself. Ask yourself—what do I really need right now? Then give yourself a big gift and meet this need.

Alright, dear one. Please know that you have the power to uncover and release any fears and worries that are not serving you. Even the simple act of stopping for a moment and acknowledging the thing (or things) that occupy your precious headspace can make a world of difference.

Take a moment and share one of your worries and concerns with our community so we can send you loving support.




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18 comments on “How Do I Forgive Myself For Worrying Too Much?”

  1. It’s awesome to see that we aren’t alone. Even though we have are unique traits and different experiences, we all sort of relate and are hard wire in a way.

    The past few months, I’ve let a few assignments that needed to get done just slip away. “There’s always tomorrow” was sort of my scapegoat saying. It caused a bit of worry and some stress.. It naturally tends to happen.

    But one thing I’ve learned to do is make that specific task the first thing I need to do…even if it’s the most challenging. I also invested in a planner to sort of take control of the situation and see physically what’s not getting done. The planner sits by my desk sort of staring at me if work isn’t getting done haha

    Sometimes when things are out of sight they truly get forgotten.

    • Hi, Romario. What a pleasure to see your comment. I agree. We all have to find what works for us to stay motivated and on track in our lives, our relationships, and in our businesses (or work). Thank you so much for taking the time to read and contribute by posting your comment. I really feel so connected to people when that happens. Let me know how things are going on your end. Warm wishes, my dear friend!

      (A Personal Side Note: It’s been a long time since we connected. I’ve dropped all social media and just focused on developing my website, newsletter, and content. I wanted to really focus on my community and my content and trust that things will spread organically with divine timing. Some say this is business suicide, but in truth, it feels best to me. I always felt like I was pushing an agenda when I was on social media instead of really sharing my gifts and talents with the world. I hope you and your business is doing well. Your website looks great!) x

      • Glad to hear from you. I apologize for the late reply.

        Things have been up and down, but that’s life right. Nothing too crazy though. Everything seems to balance out eventually.

        I think you’re doing the right thing. Sometimes our focus is scattered everywhere and we never get anything accomplished. But you seem to be doing great 🙂 It’s never a bad thing to double down on your content.

        Definitely appreciate the kind words. They mean a lot!!!

        I’ll make sure to keep in touch!

  2. Virgo is the sign of worry and I have lots of Virgo in my astrological chart. My whole life has been filled with worry, but in my later years as I have gained spiritual maturity and have come to increasingly manage my life from the perspective of the One I am these worries have mostly yielded to this management and no longer impede my creative function. However, there is one thing I find myself worrying about quite a bit these days and that is the possibility of getting the flu, a cold or some other sickness. But maybe this worry has its advantages, as I certainly wash my hands a lot and take many other precautions.

    • Oh, I love that you mention worry and rumination impedes creative function. Sean made a similar comment on a walk the other day. He said “one of the biggest ways humans limit themselves is to block their creativity”.

      Julia Cameron wrote a whole book about blocked creativity. Many would believe Cameron started a movement with her book, The Artist’s Way.

      Her book, along with the conversation I had with Sean, made me open my eyes to the importance of creativity. I love seeing this reiterated in your comment, Jerry. It really hits home to me about the importance of managing worry and rumination. (And if this keeps coming up, it may be a sign to do a creativity series next.) =)

      • Creativity is the essence of what we emphasize and teach here on Sunrise Ranch. Human beings are here on earth to create, each according to the unique gifts given to him or her. So obviously it is in our interest to dissolve anything, including excessive worry, that impedes the release of the creativity we are here to bring.

  3. I worry that I squander too much time with unimportant stuff, like when I catch myself mindlessly wandering through the Facebook news feed or watching some mediocre tv show. How do I know I will regret this? Because in hindsight I’ve already regretted time that I’ve wasted. But just like groundhog’s day, I seemed doomed to repeat my bad behavior. ‘No Greg, No!’ doesn’t seem to be enough motivation to stop … aaaaahhhhhhhhggggggggg …

    • Greg, I wonder why you’re spending time on things you don’t find important. There must be a good reason. Are you not refueling on a consistent basis depriving yourself until a part of you rebels and “acts out” so to speak? We always do things for a good reason, and part of what helps is to explore what is causing the behavior. You already know beating yourself up over it isn’t working.

      I also wonder if you set a time limit if you’d feel differently. Maybe you want to see what people are doing on FB but instead of spending 15 minutes (or whatever time feels best to you), you get lost and spend more time than you desire.

      I felt the same way you did, and I deleted my FB account about 4 or 5 years ago. The strange thing was I’ve never once missed it (and got a real kick when my mom tells me what happen’n on FB). =) I don’t think what I did will work for everyone, but it sure worked for me. I also over time deleted a lot of my time drains, putting something more productive as the only thing to do.

      (FYI, I created a face FB so I could see businesses FB pages. Many small businesses in rural areas do not have a webpage, so having a FB helped me see their hours and contact info. That said, I don’t have any “friends” and am in no groups. So I never spend time on FB except for what I mentioned above.)

      And a similar situation on my end: I love to read but was frustrated that I wasn’t reading enough. I was wasting time watching YouTube videos (telling myself I was researching). =) So I set up a routine of a hard stop at 4PM to read. It’s become a part of my routine now, and even though I’m not perfect every day, I’m finding myself reading more and more. I even set up a reward system for every five books I read. (Modeled after the “Book It” program from elementary school.) Rewarding myself for good behavior worked for my 8 year self, and it is working for my 37 year old self, too.

      Sending my love, Greg. x

  4. I have some unfinished tax business that I keep avoiding acting on and worry about what to do about it. There is lots of existential risk associated with actually doing something about. It has been the old “let sleeping dogs lie” sort of this although there is much more risk than waking up the dog here. Both my inaction or action have consequences that have me frozen and unable to act at this time plus lots of new things I would have to do to actually change this so that it is done and done; maybe to not rear its head again.

    • Thanks for sharing, Curtis. I relate to this scenario. I may be projecting due to my own situation, but I can’t help but wonder, are you sure you need to worry about completing your taxes or do you just worrying there MAY be a consequence to doing them? In my situation I worry I will owe money this year, but don’t actually know this as a fact. I agree just tabling the issue pushes the puck further down the road, but I recognize I worry and ruminate about something may not actually happen.

      Just curious.

      • Oh I know for sure that I owe back taxes so I do not fear the outcome in that way. It is just being behind and not being able to get the process moving. I do have a large dread of the actual filling out of forms to file taxes which has gotten me in to a bigger mess due to the inaction of an accountant and his unresponsiveness. I used to do my own taxes but got to having someone do them for me and now he is way behind, charging me too much, and not getting them filed. I can’t figure out how to change what’s going on nor how to take it back from the accountant.
        The whole filing of taxes process has very heavy emotional baggage associated with it from my family of origin. My father’s first time to abuse me is heavily associated with tax time. The date of the first attack physically was on April 14th while he was preparing his taxes at the last minute.

        • I love that you are approaching this with awareness. You’re feeling the fear and doing it anyway. So many times we’re triggered but don’t know why, but you’re taking the triggers that come up and are working to move through the darkness. Transformation is on the other side when you compassionately work toward completion.

          -AND- I’m curious. What are you doing to nourish yourself during this tough time? And what action steps can you take to make tax time better in the future? (I can’t help but vote that you find a tax person—next year, if it’s not possible to do so this year—who is responsive to your correspondence, as well as, is doing their job.)

          I’m rooting for you, Curtis. Thank you for taking the time to work through the 30 Days of Forgiveness. It’s such a pleasure to have you our community. xo

          • I am always trying to persevere and not giving up when altering my point of view with a different tactic like rewarding myself when I do accomplish some small part of what is bothering me. I keep working passionately rather than compassionately toward my problem. If I keep doing what I am doing, I am going to keep getting what I am getting! Around manufacturing companies that is a mantra for those that want to bring about change. It applies well here.
            I am trying to locate a more responsive tax preparer and am working toward doing some of it myself but the barriers keep getting me off the course of action I am on and I avoid picking up again after the roadblock rears its head.
            Nourishing myself currently only involves more procrastination and avoidance. Not very nourishing I have to mention.

            • =) Yes, not very nourishing indeed. Compassion is something you likely need right now.

              I wonder if a form of trauma therapy might be helpful such as EFT or something you’ve tried in the past with your inner child work.

              Also, Dr. Margaret Paul said this that might be helpful to you.

              “Healing from childhood abuse is not just about remembering the past… It is about gently and lovingly acknowledging what happened that led to your present beliefs that are now limiting you. It is about learning how to access the truth from your spiritual source so that you can move out of lies that you are telling yourself that are keeping you in the cycle of pain.”

              Maybe the word “lies” do not really resonate with you, but no doubt, you’re in pain about this situation. I’ll be holding space for you to break the cycle of procrastination and healing so you can move forward.

  5. I think one of the worries that occupies my headspace right now is not feeling I’m being productive enough with my time. “I should be doing, doing, doing,” is the thing I constantly demand of myself, but looking back into the past makes it clear this behavior has never served me. I’m working on letting go of the “I must be busy all the time” mantra to step into a way of being that better supports me and the life I want to live.

    When I ask—what do I really need right now? I hear, “I need some space to think and create”. That makes me smile. The thought of a whole Sunday to think, imagine, and create feels like Heaven on Earth.

    xoxo, Misty

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