Welcome to my 30-Day Doodle Challenge.

For this particular challenge, I got up each morning and asked myself, “How Are You Doing Today?” I took a minute to check and see what was up. Then I doodled a picture of whatever image popped into my mind. It’s seriously so much fun!

When’s the last time you drew something just for the fun of it? I hope it wasn’t too long ago.

Consider joining me and starting your own 30-day doodle challenge. You’ll find this practice gives you a chance to explore what’s going on in your life, and it’s a great way to allow your inner kid (that fun, creative part of you) to have an opportunity to express itself.

Do it for the JOY of doodling!


Feel free to click on any day that piques your interest. Hope the messages inspire you, love!

Day 1: I Let Go to Receive What I Desire
Day 2: I Sit With Sadness & Hold It Gently
Day 3: I Release What No Longer Serves Me & Embrace My Freedom
Day 4: Love is the Ultimate Currency
Day 5: The Surprising Truth About Our Wrong Moves & Failures
Day 6: Why Do We Have Negative Thoughts?
Day 7: What To Do When Your Inner Child is Angry at You
Day 8: Honor the Past. Live in the Present. Embrace the Future.
Day 9: Thank You For Listening
Day 10: What is Your True North?
Day 11: Having Difficulty Enjoying Life and Being in Pleasure?
Day 12: Are You Using Your “I Am” Power?
Day 13: Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life
Day 14: The Surprising Benefits of Non-Dominant Hand Doodling
Day 15: Animal Tea Party
Day 16: Open With Curiosity When Things Fall Apart
Day 17: Traveling Through the Desert
Days 18-21: Discovering Emotional Patterns in Your Daily Doodles
Day 22: I Am Hopeful
Day 23: Where is The Gift in This For Me?
Day 24: Wanting Things to Be Different is Suffering
Day 25: Allow The Light by Embracing The Darkness
Day 26: How Sunny Will Your Outlook Be?
Day 27: It’s Time!
Day 28: How Often Do You Wake Up Feeling Really Good?
Day 29: How Is This A Blessing?
Day 30: Bust Out Of Your Box & Set Yourself Free

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