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As you express more and more of whatever higher quality you think more money will give you, 
you become magnetic not only to more money but also to abundance in every area of your life.
Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer, authors of “Creating Money


I’m reading this amazing book, Creating Money (Amazon Affiliate Link), and want to share a lesson the authors teach in their book. Roman and Packer encourage their students to explore why they really want money. In particular, what higher quality are they reaching for?

A higher quality can be defined as the feeling you really want from having money. It may be peace, freedom, aliveness, well-being, or anything that you feel you’d achieve by having the amount of money you desire.

So many of us say “I just want to have enough“. If this describes you, then ask yourself—What do I really want  when I say “enough”? Enough to do what? What feeling or state am I really desiring?

We are all reaching for a state of mind we want money to bring, and the key to having it lies in cultivating this state even before the money we desire comes to us. 

In fact the authors point out that many people never reach happiness and satisfaction even with large amounts of money because they mistakenly believe that the money itself will bring the higher qualities they seek.

They say—

If you are in touch with the needs you want money to fulfill and the higher qualities you hope it will bring, and you work on developing those qualities, the money and objects you attract will bring you joy and self-fulfillment. If you don’t know what deeper needs and higher qualities you want to express by having something, you may or may not be satisfied with it when you receive it, even though you are able to attract it.

If your inner needs are not satisfied, no amount of money will feel like enough.


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Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Take the time today to identify what higher quality (or qualities) you hope money will fulfill in your life. Courage, peace, respect, freedom, vitality, etc.

Step Two: Now make a list of all the things that already elicit this quality.

For example: If you want money to bring you peace of mind. Then list the things that already bring you peace of mind. Reading, gardening, painting, going for country drives, etc.

Step Three: Go do the activities that already bring you the state of mind you are desiring.

When you do things that bring you joy, you will feel joy with or without more money. Then as money starts to arrive, you’re already in a higher state, and you don’t confuse money as the source of this state.

Step Four (optional but highly recommended): Grab a copy of “Creating Money“. 

I actually found my copy at the Goodwill, but you can buy it from Amazon or check it out from your local library. I think you’ll like the whole book but for the purpose of this lesson I recommend reading read pages 22-26. It contains a really powerful exercise called “Expressing a Higher Quality” that will complement today’s challenge.

Alright, my dear. I’d love for you to leave a comment below sharing which higher quality (or qualities) you hope money will offer you, as well as, what activities already give you what you desire.

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