Welcome To Day Eleven of the “No Limits” Challenge. //

Today I open up my personal Mastermind Journal and show you three lists that have helped me find 100% clarity about what I desire in a love relationship.

These lists will help you do the following: 

  • Get clear about who you need to be to attract the person you desire.
  • Get clear about what you are looking for, so you will know when you’ve found what you’re looking for. (Or if you’re already in a relationship, your lists will allow you to refine your current relationship into the one you’ve really longed for.)


Today’s Challenge Is In This Video:

Alright, let me know what you think. I’d love to see your comments on the YouTube video or on today’s blog.

Happy manifesting,



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Today’s Feature Image: “Burning Sunset and Burning Love” by Carlos ZGZ on Flickr

3 comments on “Get 100% Clear About What You Desire In A Love Relationship With These Three Lists”

  1. How true it is that you need to express the very same qualities of character that you are seeking to attract in a possible love relationship. Like attracts like in this instance. I’m glad that when you were here at Sunrise, Misty, you took a picture of the list of the “Qualities of True Character” that I have posted on the wall of the mail room. These qualities inevitably come into play when you’re seeking to attract someone of high quality. I’m sure your lists reflect many of these qualities and your expression of them is bringing whatever you need to experience on your spiritual path.

    • I loved that list. What a great thing to us as a guide for finding a love relationship, as well as, becoming the highest version of yourself. (Wish WordPress would let me upload the picture here…) Below is the list Jerry compiled.

      Qualities of True Character
      Integrity, Nobility, Dignity, Serenity, Honesty, Stability, Generosity, Reliability, Consistency, Punctuality, Loyalty, Fidelity, Transparency, Bravery, Courage, Sense of Wonder, Humility, Dependability, Persistence, Thankfulness, Patience, Kindness, Harmony, Radiance, Honor, Resilience, Flexibility, Openness, Inclusion, Simplicity, Compassion, Poise

      • Thanks for posting the list, Misty. It is so true that “becoming the highest version of yourself” is the key to influencing others you meet to bring forth the highest versions of themselves.

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