Where your focus goes, your energy flows. 
Focus on what you want, 
where you are going, 
and what you are actively creating. 
—Les Brown

Hello, Love

I found myself in dark state of judgement this morning. 

Everywhere I turned, I found something I didn’t like, and after a few hours, I literally got tired of hearing the endless list of complaints in my head.

My guess is you know exactly how this feels!

I’ve experienced a judgmental mindset many times over the years, and I have found two things really help shift my perspective. One, I ask myself, “What do you really want? Then I focus my attention on visualizing or day dreaming about what I truly desire. The second thing is to play the Game of Positive Aspects.

The Game of Positive Aspects:

This game can be played anywhere. You simply look around your environment and start to notice the things you like. Name each thing you appreciate in your head or out loud and discuss what it is you like about it.

I really love those pink and blue flowers. They smell really nice. That dog has really nice eyes. It certainly is energetic. The sun is out, and the sky is relatively clear. I like the warmth of the light on my skin. And so on….

The more you find what you like in your environment, the more good you begin to notice in the world.

Today’s Self-Compassion Challenge:

As you go about your day, play the Game of Positive Aspects. Play it everywhere—when you feel irritated in traffic—when you’re shopping at the grocery store. This simple little game does wonders, and with consistent use, it helps you to develop a natural ability to see the beauty that fills our world.

Helpful Reminders:

When you’re in a really foul mood, it may take time to find the first thing to appreciate, but the inherent beauty of the Game of Positive Aspects is you can always find something you appreciate in any situation. As Byron Katie says, where you can find one, there is two. Where there is two, there is three. No matter what is going on in your life, you can find things you appreciate.

In every thing and in every situation there are positive and negative aspects. You can find things you like and things you don’t like. The trick is to consciously choose which lens you want to see the world with. If you find yourself looking a the negative in everything around you, playing the Game of Positive Aspects can be the very thing that shifts you into a better feeling state.

Finally it’s not so easy to jump from a really bad mood to a really good one, so remember that’s not the goal. Have compassion for where you are at. I find it helps to put my hand on my heart and send love and light to myself when I’m having a hard time. Just commit to find one thing you appreciate in your environment, then find the next one, then the next, and before you know it, you’ll feel better.

Alright, dear one. I hope today’s lesson helps the next time you find yourself in a state of negativity and/or judgement.

All my love,



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Feature Images:  “Mandelbulb No. III” by Dominic Alves on Flickr

This post was written in Malaga, Spain.

2 comments on “Free Yourself From Judgement With A Shift In Perspective | Day 20 of the Self-Compassion Challenge”

  1. I love The Game of Positive Aspects as you describe it. In the program that I have been involved in many years here at Sunrise Ranch we advise ourselves and others to “Give thanks in all things and in all circumstances.” There is always something you can give thanks for no matter how difficult your circumstance may be. The creative process of life is always busy integrating, healing, transforming and bringing everything into alignment with the Universal Whole. And you can be confident this is true no matter what your individual experience is.

    As for moods, when you feel your humanity beginning to disconnect from your divinity and producing the equivalent of a bad mood, simply take command and require your attitude and expression to reveal who you really are: a Divine Being that is not governed by moods. Just realize, God never has a bad mood, so how can you as a representative of God on earth have a bad mood?

    • Love this Jerry, “As for moods, when you feel your humanity beginning to disconnect from your divinity and producing the equivalent of a bad mood, simply take command and require your attitude and expression to reveal who you really are.” Beautiful!

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