Welcome to Day 28 of the “No Limits” Challenge. //

I tried something new for this year, and I’ve fallen in love with it.

I asked myself—What five things would make this year epic? 

Then I gave myself the absolute freedom to dream big and write down the five things that would make 2017 the best year ever.  I keep this list in my Mastermind Journal, and I look at it almost every day. It’s amazing to watch some of the things on this list come to fruition throughout the year.

I’ll be honest, however, that not everything on the list has come true—nor will it. At least not necessarily in the way I envisioned when I first wrote them down, BUT—the Universe has an uncanny way of delivering our requests in divine timing with divine grace when we’re willing to follow inspired action.

This practice has been so much fun that as the 2017 year nears its end, I’m already dreaming and scheming about what will be on my list for next year.

One thing I’m sure will be there is, I completely pay off all debt (my student loan and the BOD loan), and I never owe one single cent again.

Now Please Note: According to my current financial state this request seems FAR OUT THERE!!! In fact, each thing on my list seems pretty darn impossible (at times) and embodies something that would make this year absolutely legendary. This is your Epic List, so you don’t put puny things on it. Go for your dreams!

Now it’s your turn—


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Build Your Own List

List five things that would make this year epic.

Step Two: Make Your List Visible

Put your list somewhere you will see, and review it often.

Step Three: Focus On Feelings

As you read each item, allow yourself to envision what it will feel like when this particular dream has come true. Really relish the feelings and let them permeate every cell of your being.

Step Four: Share Your List

Please add your EPIC LIST in the comments section below. You will also find my 2017 list there.

Alright, sweet one. Every desire you focus your energy and attention on will find a way to you with Divine timing. You’ll find yourself inspired to take action and will be surprised to see the forward movement of your every wish. Relax and enjoy the miraculous unfolding of every desire on your list.




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3 comments on “Five Things That Will Make This Year Epic”

  1. Here again is an exercise and process that I can’t in good conscience really get into. I would never seek to impose personal wants and desires on the Universe and I don’t expect the Universe to be interested in processing a human wish list. I would never try to set up 2018 the way I might want it to be and then hope the Universe will deliver. This to me circumvents the creative process of life and can only diminish the surprise and wonder at what life does bring.

    I feel we properly move from the known into the unknown, standing in each moment on what might be called a “thrilling threshold” of life on the move. It is the never-ending adventure of bringing the beauty, wonder and glory of the truth of love at my core into the present moment, the only moment that we have. To me this is the only way to coordinate with “Divine timing.”

  2. Five Things That Will Make 2017 EPIC!

    1. DrMistyFunk.com is sustainable and scalable. I make a full-time living doing what I love to do.

    2. I slow travel the world living in three unique and quiet places each year for the next 10-15 years. (UPDATE: I’ve lived in Pai, Thailand, West Texas, and Northumberland, England in 2017 + I’ve traveled extensively this year! DONE!!! )

    3. The right and perfect love relationship comes to me with divine timing. (ACCOMPLISHED!!!)

    4. I spend the entire 2017 year clearing limiting beliefs. Absolutely every need I have is 100% provide for me. (IN PROGRESS).

    5. I celebrate Christmas and the 2018 New Year at the most beautiful picturesque lodge on the planet. I review the amazing things that occured in 2017 and dream and create an EPIC 2018.

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