Welcome to Day 16 of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.

Today starts the beginning of the third week of this series, and this week’s focus will be on forgiving others.


Hello, Dear One.

Life can be full of wonderful experiences, as well as, frustrations, and frustrations—as you already know—can vary wildly.

A friend of mine recently shared that several things had gone awry this year. He’d had some flooding in his space due to a leak in the flat above him. In addition to damage to his home, he an issue with his job and some health challenges. He was grappling with all of this occurring in a short period of time.

As he was sorting through everything, he’d learned that the person who lived above him was not legally responsible for the repair to his home. He was shocked to discovered he’d have to cover the damages!

At first he experienced a lot of anger. He was angry at the legal system in his country—feeling the laws were not written fairly. He also was angry at the person above him as he felt they should be responsible for the damage they had caused his home.

To top everything off, he was starting to experience some mold problems.

Things were piling up fast, and his mood was really suffering.

Over time he noticed the anger had started to wear him out. He was feeling exhausted all the time and confessed he’d reached a point where forgiveness seemed to be the next best step.

He got some much needed clarification from his job. He started to accept some of the changes in his health, and he was making progress on relocating to a place that would be a better fit for his life.

Today’s Contemplation:

What frustration/s can you find in your own life that rob you of your precious time, energy, and money? Would forgiveness help?

Share what’s going on in your life, as well as, how you might use forgiveness to move into a better feeling place.

Alright, dear one. May you move toward peace as you let go of the things you do not control.

Again, I’d love to hear from you. Take a moment to share your experience on today’s contemplation by leaving a reply below.

Sending you lots of love.




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8 comments on “Finding Forgiveness When You’re Frustrated & Frazzled”

  1. I think there is a way of seeing these things not so much as annoyances and frustrations but as challenges and even opportunities to show that you have the capacity within yourself to meet them creatively and victoriously. Although when it comes to barking dogs this could be extremely challenging! Maybe some extreme action such as citronella is called for!

    Thought I would throw in a quote from Ram Dass that came to me this morning: “When you recognize and embrace the blessings inherent in your suffering, the greater your capacity to transcend your anguish, even as grief and pain threaten to consume you.” Yes, there is a blessing inherent in anything that we’re suffering; it all can be used to advantage in enabling us to give even more into life.

    Though it may feel that we are helpless and have no control in certain circumstances, we always have control over our own response to the situation. We may, as most people do, merely habitually react to the circumstance, in effect submitting as a victim, or we may respond to the highest within us to bring whatever creative action is possible.

    • It certainly does make things easier when we see challenges as opportunities. It’s as if the Universe is continuously providing opportunities to learn and grow. Thank you for your comment, Jerry!

  2. I support this web-site and Dr Funk. The first question for me is;- Am I being Love, am I Fully responsible and do I manifest my heaven into the earth as it is now. I have done some forgiveness work occasionally, more than I think. Firstly I find a safe space where I can really be myself and journal resentments that I’ve been carrying, that have been taking my space and keeping me in the old. The rub is that I HAVE NOT WISHED TO FEEL THE FEELINGS that are part of each resentment, the hurt or whatever. So I scan the ones that feel current, maybe 3 out of a long list to work on, and then delve to see whether they began in my childhood. Then when my body and all of me are in a good place I find a way to cry or to release my anger without projecting it on anyone. I do this until it’s done. So it seems to be feeling, actual feeling, not just talking about it that’s the block. I didn’t learn when young that feelings are a part of who I am, and are key to my wholistic health as well as a healthy spirit, mind and body. Tread well. Laurance

    • Thanks for your support, Laurance. It’s always a pleasure to see your comments on my blog.

      I can’t agree more with your statement, “So it seems to be feeling, actual feeling, not just talking about it that’s the block.” I get caught up in this trap all the time. In fact, I’ve been feeling some pain in my body, and Sean was walking me through a releasing technique called, The Power of Quiet, by Chris Dillard. I kept getting distracted, hearing a sound and couldn’t finish the process. I realized later I was avoiding feeling the pain and resisting it by getting distracted.

      We certainly get a lot of mixed messages about feelings and feeling them fully. It’s so wonderful to see so many people open to taking loving care of themselves. Much love, Misty

  3. I tend to get frustrated and angry with total strangers. There are neighbors I don’t know who insist on allowing their out of control barking dogs to remain in the backyard rather than bringing them in. Once I knocked on the door and politely asked if they could bring them in. I was met with an angry response while they justified leaving them out by saying, “dogs will be dogs.”

    Makes me want to walk up to their house at 3am with a recording of their barking dogs and pipe it through a bullhorn if it weren’t for the other innocent neighbors who would be woken up by that also. Makes me also fantasize about opening the gate to their yard to let the dog escape to be free, even though I would never do that either.

    My usual goto technique of meditating the problem away is practically impossible with barking dogs in the background. Earplugs dampen the noise, but I can still hear them. And, why should I have to wear earplugs in my own house? Cops won’t investigate barking dogs and animal cruelty says they can only do something if there’s a danger to the animals. Hmmm… there might be if I wind up strangling them. Ha! Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now, even if the problem didn’t go away.

    • I know exactly how this feels. I’ve struggled with this at the place I currently live, and it’s terribly uncomfortable.

      The helplessness over other people’s belief, “Dogs will be dogs”, is difficult to accept. Some people are not bothered by their dogs barking, and they (for whatever reason) do not train them or care to explore why they are continuously barking. The rest of the neighborhood has to live with the consequences.

      I, too, have had to wear earplugs in my own home. I have felt the negative effects of continuous dog barking on my health. It’s not fun. In fact, I personally feel we are subjected to so many noises that we have no control over: loud trucks and machines, construction, etc. For me, it’s painful to live in such a noisy world.

      I, too, have called the cops to be told “there is nothing we can do”. I’ve even been told animal control will call me back. Do you think they did? I’ve research all kinds of devices to stop barking and spent tons of money to make my living environment better for my health and sanity. I am very, very sad about the reality of living in the world today. It is very noisy, and I continuously cover up other people’s noise with “white noise”. Use noise to cover up noise. It’s insanity.

      Believe me. I feel the same pain, and I don’t know what to do about it. =) I’ve been practicing the mantra, “Love it right where you are—right as you are”. I have committed to find a more quiet place to live. I need that for my health, but for now, I will attempt to love myself, love my situation, and love the Universe for quickly providing me with the right environment for my well-being.

      • Good inspiration, Misty. Meanwhile, I came across some info that said dogs hate citronella. Some citronella extract came in that I ordered and I mixed about 20 drops of the stuff with a quart of water and tossed it over the fence when the dog was going crazy barking right next to the fence there. Seems to have quieted him down a bit. We’ll see how long that lasts. 🙂

  4. My current frustrations really aren’t focused on one person or even really on another person at all. I personally tend to feel frustrated with life in general (when things don’t work the way I feel they should). If I’m really honest with myself, frustration has become a go-to feeling. Instead of feeling the helplessness over others, circumstances, outcomes (thing I have zero control over), I tend to get angry and frustrated. It seems these feelings are more powerful. Underneath of avoid feeling powerless over others or over circumstances. It doens’t feel good to accept I have no control in certain circumstances.

    How do I find forgiveness and acceptance when I’d prefer rail against the world? I think it’s simple really (but hard to do). Feeling my feelings fully is key. Accepting that things don’t always go smoothly is key. Letting go and allowing life to flow (even when it doesn’t flow the way I want) is key.

    And just writing this out helps me reconnect with the things that will help my life feel more joy-filled. I forgive myself for forgetting to do these things. I forgive the world for not being as simple and peaceful as I would like. I forgive others (and myself) for not being perfect. I forgive others and circumstances for taking up my time, and I forgive myself for wasting time %itching and complaining about things I can not do anything about.

    I can change my attitude. I can focus my attention on what I want. I can hope for the best. I can trust and let go and allow. There is a lot I can do, so focusing on what I have control over and allowing the rest to work itself out, is key to forgiveness in my life!

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