Welcome to Day Eleven of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.


Hello, Love

Today I want to explore and create a list of the life circumstances that have been weighing heavy on your heart and mind.

As the years go by, I notice an increased number of ways that I lack full control over my life. An example is the sheer number of cellular and wifi towers that spring up around my home and work. While there is a certain amount of action I can personally take—for example, I can opt to turn off the wireless router in my home when I’m not using it—I can’t fully control who puts up the towers in my area or how many of my neighbors keep their routers turned on 24-7.

The purpose of the above paragraph is not to claim that electronic devices and EMFs are proven to have harmful effects, it’s solely an example of one life area that give me concern regarding my health and well-being. This simply is a perfect example of something I would write down on my list for today’s contemplation. It’s a life area that I want to work on healing any fears and false beliefs and/or to bring more peace and acceptance into my life.

Now it’s your turn. Start considering the life areas that personally concern you.

A few concerns to consider for your list:

  • Debt and money issues
  • The quality of our food
  • Political and governmental control
  • Electronic devices and EMFs
  • Oil and gas
  • Racial issues
  • Gender issues
  • Capitalism
  • The future of social security (in the US)
  • Healthcare and health insurance
  • Technology and artificial intelligence
  • Internet privacy
  • Identity theft
  • Vaccinations (and the threat of them becoming mandatory)
  • How you’re treated by authority figures (a boss, parent, teacher, professor, elder, church leader, etc.)
  • The quality of your relationships

Today’s Contemplation:

Make a list of any life area that robs you of precious life energy. As you progress through this week, add to this list any time you notice something which takes up negative space in your mind.

Alright, dear one. Tomorrow I’ll introduce a process for lightening the weight of your concerns, but just for today, allow yourself the necessary time to get clear about the things that concern you. If you feel heaviness around this assignment, I invite you to meditate and pray, trusting that you are divinely protected from all harm.

Please considering sharing some (or all) of the things from your list in the comment’s section of today’s blog. That way other people working through this series can find new areas to bless with love.

Much love,



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Today’s Feature Image: “Golden Light 01” by Mathias Erhart on Flickr

4 comments on “Exploring The Life Circumstances That Weigh You Down”

  1. Here are a few things on my list: I keep noticing new and/or increasing fees on my bills. I can’t seem to find a quiet place to live and work (as there is noise all around me d/t machines, dogs, people, etc.). The ever increasing cost of healthcare and health insurance yet lower coverage. Actually the amount of time required to review different types of insurance needed. It feels like a big time suck, and the documents one must read are long and laborious.

  2. Quality of food is at the top of my sh*t list. There’s no way I could forgive Monsanto for deliberately manufacturing GMO crops so they can withstand uber high doses of Roundup herbicide which they also manufacture. Trying to justify it by feeding the world is a snakey veil, covering the obvious motive which is to maximize their profits at the expense of our health.

    Actually, I appreciate that capitalism is at the heart of our democracy. I like being able to freely choose my work profession as an entrepreneur. But unchecked capitalism seems to always to find a way to bulldoze past needed boundaries. Balance. That’s the real challenge.

    • Food quality is an interesting topic. =)

      In fact, just a few days ago, Sean mentioned something I haven’t notice before. We were exploring where to grocery shop in our new area. He encouraged me to start noticing the energy of each grocery store we went into, and I was so surprised by what happened next. For example, we were in one grocery store and the energy felt really low/slow. When we got to the produce section, a man stocking the produce said, you two smile a little too much to be in this store. We looked at each other puzzled. He next said, I buy produce at (another store in town). We let him chat then thanked him and left. Next we went to the store he suggested, and it was a much better vibe with higher quality products. It was a wonderful and strange experience.

      I think if we’re open we can start to notice the energy of food/environments/people. I think the Universe is supporting us in have a high quality experience if we pay attention to the signs.

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