Welcome to Day Two of the 30-Day “No Limits” Challenge! //

In today’s video I share a rather embarrassing money confession. Hey!!! What’s a class if I don’t reveal at least one thing about my own limitations?!?

It’s my hope that this money story will help you develop more compassion for the false beliefs you’ve created (or bought into) about money.

Today’s Video:


Your Daily Challenge:

Step One: Make a list of all the ways you limit yourself with money.

Step Two: Be kind to yourself. 

Today’s exercise is not easy and may bring up some old wounds and/or triggers. This is normal! Just send lots of love and compassion for the part of you who has been living with these old beliefs. In the next few days we’ll work through a process of discovery so you can let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.

Step Three: Start to honor and give thanks for the things you do have.

Take at least one thing on your list and commit to continually send blessings and respect to it (such as the car you’re driving). The best way to attract what you really want is to move into a state of gratitude for what you currently have in your life. You gotta move into a state of looooooooove for that car. Start to think about all the wonderful memories of where you’ve been together. Thank it for getting you where you need to go. Even it it’s been breaking down a lot lately, thank it each time it gets you from A to B.

Alright, my dear. Remember to really bring a lot of self-compassion as you work through your Self-Limiting Money list. This is a really challenging lesson for many people, and I know without doubt you’re going to benefit beyond measure for your efforts.

See you tomorrow,

PS. If you find any lists, blog posts, or books that help you find your limiting money beliefs, I’d love it if you’d share them in the comments section below.



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Today’s Feature Image:Tearing Money” by Tax Credits on Flickr

2 comments on “Explore Your Self-Limiting Beliefs About Money (And How They Affect Your Life)”

  1. Any limitation I have with respect to money does not involve not having enough money, rather it involves maintaining something like a “poverty consciousness” that I’ve held over from the days when I didn’t have enough money. Earlier in my life I had very little money and consequently I made great efforts to save everything I got and to spend as little as possible.

    Now that I have sufficient money I still find myself living a very frugal existence, governed by an old and antiquated mindset and often denying myself and others the benefits of my naturally generous spirit. I sometimes have to literally force myself to spend money on basic necessities, earnestly telling myself, “Jerry, you’ve got money now; there’s no reason why you can’t buy this.”

    • I relate to dealing with a poverty consciousness. It is insidious, and it also provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow—to accept God’s love and generosity. How strange to be children of “The King” and still feel poor. How strange, but it’s something I deeply struggle with, too. Let me know if you discover ways to move into abundance consciousness and lovingly accept and fully receive the abundance that is our divine birthright.

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