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Hello, Love

Today, while reading, I noticed a tightness in my body. 

As I checked in inside, I recognized the tightness as an age-old feeling of anxiety. I decided to get curious and open to learning about what was causing this anxiety. As I did this, it dawned on me. I recalled that I was just reading about the diseases and deaths of several people.

You see I am reading this wonderful book called The Warmth of Others Suns (Goodreads link) by Isabel Wilkerson, and as I near the end of the book, I can’t help but feel affected by the continued hardships that affected these black migrant families.

Upon continued inquiry, I also discovered an underlying belief that is the primary cause of my own suffering. I believe that unresolved and unaddressed negative emotions cause disease and premature death.

So when I read about the fates of the people Wilkerson interviews, I can’t help but wonder if the afflictions they experienced were due to unresolved pain and negative emotions. What if—I mused—what if they were to have worked on and healed the deep hurts that filled their lives?

The beauty inherent in these stories are that they cause me to reflect upon my own life. I can’t help but look at how I deal with hardship in my own life, and it fuels a great desire to release and let go of the unresolved emotion present in my own life.

In truth, I don’t want the negative emotions of the past to become stuck in my body, so I take the necessary time to welcome them, feel them fully, and let them go.

Today’s Contemplation:

Take a moment today and check in with yourself. How are you feeling?

Are there any unresolved emotions present within? Are you ignoring any anger or resentment? Or are there any feelings present which do not promote health and wellbeing?

If you can not find anything. That is wonderful. There is no need to do anything else but enjoy your day. However, if you check inside and feel any unaddressed emotions, take a moment to honor these feelings by feeling them fully, then release these emotions and set yourself free.

For Example: After I sit with my emotions. Welcoming them and allowing myself to feel them fully, I imagine these negative feelings turn into little black birds. I then envision opening my hands and setting these black birds free. I watch them fly into the sky—up, up, and away—up to God for healing. For me, doing this allows these feelings to be released from my body, and this allows me to return to my natural state of inner peace and joy.

Please Also Note: There is no wrong or right way to do this process. Nor is there any need to dig around looking for something to work on. I just encourage you to create space to see if there are any unresolved feelings that desire your loving-kind attention.

Alright, dear one. I hope that you consider lovingly attending to any negative emotions that need attention. Open the doorway to health and healing and walk toward your God-given state of inner peace and joy.

Share Your Thoughts:

Take a moment to leave a comment on today’s post. Share your perspective on the effects of unresolved negative emotion, as well as, what helps you personally let go of anything that binds you.

As always, I am holding space for your health and healing.




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6 comments on “Experience An End To Suffering By Releasing Your Unresolved Emotions”

  1. What’s not to love? The Winter Olympics started! I love all the Olympics and the world cup for that matter. It’s where the best athletes do their thing while giving the rest of us a respite from what’s going in the world.

    My contemplation today is how to make sure I can gorge myself on all the games I can watch! How about that crazy luge or crazier skeleton race? Yowza! It’s exciting to watch the Koreans race the 1500m speed skate. Every single one of them knows how to hang in the back of the pack until bam! They all of a sudden jump into the lead, passing everyone else like they’re standing still. Fun!

  2. To be honest, Misty, I am not aware of any “unresolved emotions.” If I had any they have all disappeared because I have been concentrating on one thing: bringing the fullness of life in each present moment. If anything unresolved needs to come up, it will come up in the natural process of living, and it is automatically released the moment it does come up because of my aforementioned focus on LIFE NOW.

    Delving into the subconscious mind and trying to bring up unresolved emotions simply diverts the energy of life to them as long as you entertain them. This is a form of shadow work and this practice ensnares you in shadows. Focus on expressing love, light and life in the present moment and if something unresolved from the past does come up, it will be quickly consumed by the fire of love that you are bringing in each moment.

    • It is not my experience that doing shadow work has kept me stuck or ensnared. I find it allows me to bring up any resolved emotions so I can release to Spirit for healing. I am also glad that you have also found a process that works for you as well, Jerry. (The process being, “Focus on expressing love, light and life in the present moment and if something unresolved from the past does come up, it will be quickly consumed by the fire of love that you are bringing in each moment.”) Love it!

      • Could you consider the possibility, Misty, of shifting your identity so that you have a sense of COMING from Spirit rather than reaching up to Spirit for emotional release or appealing to Spirit for healing? Spirit never holds onto “unresolved emotions” and never withholds healing. Granted, in this state of divine identity your humanity will still have issues and challenges, but it is so much easier and more natural handling them from the top down than from the bottom up.

        • I love your description, Jerry. It must be how you live life, and it feels wonderful. What about old memories and past pain that you haven’t released? Things that come up from time-to-time for releasing and healing?

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