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This morning I woke up triggered. I felt angry, and I when I checked inside I realized I’ve been trying to make other people happy and live my life by their standards. Now these “people” are undefined. I go around saying “they will not like me if…”, but I have no idea who “they” are.

Can you relate?

It’s common to try to change oneself to make other people happy. It can be really scary to break out of the mold and live life as you see fit. That’s a huge reason why I blog. I want to create a website were you and I can become more and more authentic every day.

The problem is we aren’t always supported when we go against the grain, but rest assured, your feeling-self (the emotional part of you) will let you know when you’re living out of alignment with who you really are. As you develop and mature, you’ll find yourself naturally surrounded with people who lovingly support you. You’ll not tolerate those who belittle you or want you to be someone you are not.

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Today’s Journal Excerpt

In the past I’ve had a tendency to put myself in a box. This really hits home in business. I’ve narrowed my focus before I was able to determine the longevity of my interest, talent, and market. How do people keep from niching too soon (before they really know what they want to do or offer)? How does a complex, adaptable person create a niche that can adapt with them? Or is it niche then pivot, niche then pivot (over and over) until you find the right space to be in.

To read my full journal entry, click here.

A Juicy Affirmation For You

I know who I am, and how I can best serve others. I love the work I share with the world.

Deep Inquiry

  • Have you ever put yourself in a box? What made you break out of it?
  • What activities make you lose track of time?
  • If you had to teach or share something, what would you teach?
  • If you had unlimited resources and didn’t need a job, how would you choose to fill your time?

Share Your Thoughts, Love

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Much love,

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2 comments on “Bust Out Of Your Box & Set Yourself Free: Day 30 of the “How Are You?” Doodle Challenge”

  1. Perhaps an alternative definition from the biology use of the word might help in your quest for a “niche”;

    “A niche is also an organism’s specific position or purpose within the group of organisms with which it lives”

    I read that as another way to look at your process to “niche” your talents.

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