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My boyfriend, Sean, calls me a Wildling from the Game of Thrones tv series. He says this because my hair can be a bit wild from time-to-time (umm, most of the time). My hair—like yours truly—is unruly. I’ve done tons of things over the years to tame it. “More hydration,” says this expert. “Less brushing,” say this one. “Less washing,” touts another.

Perhaps I should shave it off. Then it would be wild! 😉

Today’s Doodle

(Correction: It should be “The Wreck of Hesperus”. This is something Sean’s grandma used to call him if his hair was unruly.)

Today’s Journal Excerpt

For some reason when I ask myself, “How are you doing today?” all I can see is tons of curly, messy hair. I woke up feeling great so perhaps I dreamed about hair, or maybe I’m just tired of trying to tame it. My doodle could be trying to get me accept my hair, and let go of trying to make it perfect.

How Is My Hair A Blessing?

  1. I’ve got some. That in itself is a blessing!
  2. It could be boring (aka. perfect)…nah! That’d be too easy and un-Misty-like.
  3. It has ATTITUDE—like me!
  4. It doesn’t demand that I spend thousands of dollars on it like some other hairs out there.

To read my full journal entry, click here.

Now It’s Your Turn

  • What part of your body are you always hassling with?
  • Make a list of how this part of you is a blessing. Have fun with this. Use a sense of humor like I did in #4. (I laughed out loud when I thought of people’s hair demanding expensive hair treatments.)
  • If things were perfect, what would this part of your body look like? Find a few photos of people who have what you admire. Then doodle yourself looking like them.

Share Your Thoughts With Me

Does today’s post strike a cord with you? Did you think of anything funny to share with our community. Post your comments below.

Much love,

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