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Today’s doodle surprised me a bit.

I felt inspired to draw a sunflower, and then three stalks emerged. I saw one flower facing up, one facing down, and one facing out.

This made me think of my own personal experience with these beautiful flowers. I’ve purchased them in a store, and sometimes over a period of days, they grow heavy and fall—their little faces point toward the floor. And others face the ceiling and still others look right toward me the whole time.

I couldn’t help but see some wonderful symbolism in my drawing and look forward to hearing your thoughts on today’s doodle.

Sunflower Doodle

Today’s Journal Excerpt

Today’s drawing makes me feel we have a choice in life. When things happen, we can look up (and see the bright side), or out (and see what’s right in front of us), or down (and see the negative side). The image made me wonder, do I miss out on the true joy of life by choosing to look down (instead of out or up)?

What about you? What does this image symbolize to you?

To read my full journal entry, click here.

A Sweet Affirmation To Cheer Your Day

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer

Today’s Inquiry

  • Rate your mood in this moment. Is it a sunflower up, out or down?
  • Is there an area of your life that you could use a brighter point of view?
  • (Slightly off topic) I’m curious. When is the last time you bought yourself (or someone else) flowers? Stop by and pick some up today to brighten your office or home.

Share Your Thoughts on Today’s Topic

What does today’s post bring up for you? I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

Much love,

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2 comments on “How Sunny Will Your Outlook Be? Day 26 of the “How Are You?” Doodle Challenge”

  1. Our reality is always exactly what we define it to be and if I do not like that reality my mind can decide upon a new reality that suits my continued growth as a person. It is a remarkable fact that the same mind that sees doom and gloom I can use to decide to see bright sunny outcomes using the same set of facts before me at the moment. Sometimes when I am beset by those facts I can hardly believe the power I possess to change those facts. Tired old cliche is so right that it is the same rain that falls on a thirsty crop that falls on the picnic. What we tell ourselves about that rain defines it for us. Farmer is happy while picnicker is not so happy.

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