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This morning I decided to doodle a single scene in my road trip to Austin. It’s of passing Fort Lancaster—one of my favorite parts of the five and a half hour drive from my home in West Texas to the city.

Every time I drive by, I imagine myself back in the day when there were Native Americans roaming the area. It’s the perfect place to step back into time and enjoy a little day dreaming.

I confess my favorite part of this doodle was finally arriving at the very location I doodled. I found myself looking out the window for the skeleton pieces, rattle snake, road runner, and strange wild animal. It totally made me smile and enjoy my road trip.

Today’s Doodle

Today’s Affirmation

I enjoy the journey each and every step of the way.

Today’s Inquiry

  • What’s one of your favorite locations?
  • Have you ever doodled a leg of your upcoming trip?

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