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Do you ever feel like you’re spending all of your energy trying to keep your ducks all in row? Yet no matter how much you try, everything seems to be changing faster than you can handle?

Today is one of those days where everything seems to be falling apart no matter how hard I try to keep things together. I feel just like my doodle—like I’m trying to keep all of these balls in a row but they keep bouncing around randomly. I don’t have enough hands to keep them in order.

Today’s Doodle

Today’s Journal Excerpt

Sometimes in life, all you can do is your best, and even if you don’t, you relax, forgive, and move on. For me, today’s lessons are:

  1. I accept I am not fully in control of others or outcomes.
  2. I examine what I genuinely could have done differently. I learn, and then I let go of everything else.
  3. As Dr. Margaret Paul, cofounder of InnerBonding, says: Feeling our helplessness over others and over outcomes is really difficult. (Which means what we may feel is anger, frustration or irritation to cover up the hard feeling of helplessness over uncontrollable things.)
  4. Peace occurs when I accept that the Universe has something better in store more me, instead of believing my plans didn’t work out.

To read my full journal entry, click here.

Today’s Affirmation

I sit with the helplessness over controlling the outcome of this situation and hold this feeling gently.

I allow myself to wonder—what outcome is available to me that is even better than I can imagine in this moment? I let go of control and open with curiosity to new possibilities.

Today’s Inquiry

  • What is happening in your life that you are trying really hard to control or manage?
  • Can you relax around this situation, accept your helplessness over the outcome, and allow the best possible thing to occur? (NOTE: It may not feel like the best possible outcome in this moment, and that’s okay!)

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2 comments on “Open With Curiosity When Things Fall Apart: Day 16 of the “How Are You?” Doodle Challenge”

  1. This is probably the most insidious of the controlling behaviors as we take on the weight of the world so nobly but the world does not really need us to carry the weight we pick up here! There is a divine plan that does not reveal itself until we stop trying to control every outcome around us. It is not “noble” at all, just another codependent moment that needs our gentle attention to our feelings. Feel the feelings, they will not harm you. Use them to accept things as they can be or will be without you. Likely better than I can imagine!

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