Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness
will we discover the infinite power of our light.

—Brene Brown

Hello, Love

How many times in life do we attempt to suppress our darkness? We avoid feeling pain, loneliness, and other hard feelings. Do you realize when you hide from your dark places, you suppress the light? Joy, happiness, and radiance can not shine in a world that refuses to allow pain.

Today’s Doodle

Today’s Journal Excerpt

Today’s doodle has a theme of light and dark. The unknown—the moon—symbolizes the subconscious mind (our shadow side). Despite these dark, hidden parts, the bird still sings.The bird symbolizes hope and light. 

Themes of light and dark are common in life, yet we so often think we are only allowed to express the good things of life. It goes without saying, if you numb one aspect, you starve the other.

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Today’s Power Quote

When you numb your pain, you also numb your joy. —Brene Brown

Deep Inquiry

Tell me. When is the last time you shared something dark with another safe person?

(Something dark doesn’t have to mean something bad. It can mean sharing a fear you’ve kept secret, or sharing something you’ve been to afraid to be open about.)

I encourage you. Find a trusted friend or therapist, and allow yourself to explore your darkness. Then watch with amazement as tiny rays of hope and joy shine their way into your life.

Share Your Thoughts on Our Topic

Do you have personal experience in suppressing your emotions (both joy and sorrow)? What can you share to help others learn to allow their own inner light through fully allowing themselves to experience their pain? Share some support and encouraging word with our community!

Much love,

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2 comments on “Allow The Light by Embracing The Darkness: Day 25 of the “How Are You?” Doodle Challenge”

  1. I just had an awakening of an emotion that I have been suppressing for 50+ years. A friend from high school sent me a friend request on FB. I was all at once that shy, nerdy, runty high school kid hating the sound of the guy’s name much less honor a friend request from him but because of having read this article I decided to forgive his transgression from all those years ago and accept his request. I thought I had long ago let go of that perceived slight from all those years ago as part of my re-parenting work I had done in my recovery but suddenly it was there again and I had a sudden desire to keep the emotion alive by deleting the request. Growth comes at the darnedest times, don’t it. Thanks for this post that spoke to me and truly allowed me to forgive AND forget (hopefully) this time.

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. Ironically, I had a dream last night that reminded me of some old fears and false beliefs from my high school years. Luckily I woke up in the middle of the dream (at 3AM) and did some Inner Bonding on the situation. It really shed light on why I dreamed about that particular situation. I see now this dream was there to serve me in a big way!

      Do you just love these poignant moments when we get to CHOOSE our response? We have the opportunity to peel another layer of the onion of personal growth and healing. What a tremendous experience for you, Curtis!

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