Welcome to Day 20 of the “No Limits” Challenge. 

Hello, Love

Have you ever felt you didn’t belong?

You’re may be the only woman on a corporate board, or the only man who doesn’t watch football. You’re the only person you know who neither watches the news nor keeps up with current events. You’re the only person without children in your church’s small group. You’re the only obvious introvert at at your company’s Christmas party. You’re the only artist in a sea of engineers and business people at a networking event.

There are times when we all feel like an alien in a strange land, and today’s lesson is to remind you—YOU INDEED BELONG HERE. 

In a world that is constantly telling us who we “should” be, being a confident, unique being can be really tough. I often find it difficult to see, embrace, and honor my core essence—the most authentic part of who I am. Yet I know on a deep level that this is exactly what I must do to fully move into my personal power.

Can you imagine really belonging? Can you imagine life without limits? What would life be if we were immune to external circumstances? If we always felt worthy and deserving at all times? 

It makes me smile to imagine the peace and bliss we could all experience living from the natural competence and personal power.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Identify the areas of your life where you feel you don’t belong.

Take some time today to sit and ponder the question, “In what ways do I feel I don’t belong?” Write down anything that comes to mind.

Step Two: Sit with compassion and honor each item on your list.

Take all of the things you find on your list, and just sit with great compassion for the feelings that arise (of feeling alone, rejected, not belonging, etc.). These are really hard feelings to feel, and they are here, in your conscious awareness, for very good reason—they have come to be healed and released.

Step Three: Try this simple meditation.

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, and once you feel grounded, open your arms wide and say either aloud or to yourself, “I belong” then repeat this gentle mantra as you allow the accepting love of Spirit to enter your heart.

Really allow yourself to feel your belonging here. Trust your uniqueness as one of the great gifts you offer the world. Allow yourself to embrace your core essence—again, all the qualities that make you uniquely you.

Alright, dear one. You are a real treasure, and despite the constant barrage of external messages– You belong—just as you are! You were made manifest on Earth because you have a unique purpose for being here, and one of the ways to discover your purpose is to learn to fully and lovingly embrace your differences.

When we begin to see and cherish our individuality, we allow ourselves to step into the world whole and complete.

Sending you lots of love on your journey,



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4 comments on “Developing A Strong Sense of Belonging”

  1. I’ve always been an individualist and nonconformist. In my late twenties I self-published a book of poetry entitled “Maledictions of a Misfit,” and a 250-page autobiography called “Diary of a Dropout.” Even as a young child I always asked for raw salads, instinctively knowing that vegetables were better for me than the typical American fare of pizza and French fries. Probably most disconcerting to my family was my surprising rejection of religion. A couple years after graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary I embarked on my own spiritual path and was called a “servant of the devil” by one family member.

    We’ve got to make our own way in life and be true to the truth of ourselves no matter what others think, realizing that at the deepest and highest levels of our being we do belong. We belong to the Universe and have unique gifts to bring that should not be stopped by family traditions and social expectations. I love the way you put it, Misty: “You are a real treasure, and despite the constant barrage of external messages– You belong—just as you are!” Your courage in stepping out of the mainstream and bringing these challenges is such compelling proof of this!

  2. I was reminded as I read this about Robert Schuller’s famous line, “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Fear of not belonging leads many of us to not try things that we would probably complete if we knew we could not fail.

    • I love it, Curtis! What would like be like if we never worried our actions or who we are would prevent people from liking or accepting us? Wow! That’s a powerful vision to start creating.

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