Welcome to Day Four of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.


​Hello, My Dear.

I recently read a lovely article by Louise Hay on forgiveness, and it was filled with positive affirmations that were designed to support your forgiveness practice.

What a treat!

As I say this, I can hear the naysayers touting claims that affirmations do not work. While I can’t claim they are foolproof, I personally have experienced tremendous value from using them, and I encourage you to try this simple act of self-kindness to nurture your soul.

Regarding positive affirmations, I have two confessions: 

1. I personally only use affirmations that create a sense of peace inside me when I say them. 

Saying things over and over again that I don’t believe is true is not really using affirmations properly in my book. I tend to research the affirmations Louise uses because they are gentle and full of self compassion. I also love her so much that I can hear her voice in my head when I read her writing.

2. I’m absolutely terrible at coming up with affirmations. 

As much as I love to profess how powerful affirmations are, I have a really hard time creating them. I think it’s because I tend toward negative self talk and speaking positively to myself has not consistently been role modeled.

This is another reason I love Louise. I can feel the effects of her soothing voice, her kind words, her gentle presence, and her affect slowly is becoming the way I treat myself. As I incorporate affirmations that bring me inner peace, I slowly realize a better way to treat myself and others.

Five Simple Rules To Create Positive Affirmations:

  1. Make them positive.
  2. Use present tense—speaking as if you already have your desire/s.
  3. Be authentic.
  4. Word it in a way that lights you up inside.
  5. Stretch your beliefs but not so much that it’s completely unbelievable.

Today’s Call To Action:

Come up with three positive affirming statements that will help you nurture your own forgiveness practice. You can make them up, ask a friend, find them online, or any combination. Remember that your statements do not need to make sense to anyone else.

❤ The best affirmations are declarations that light you up from the inside out. ❤

Once you find at least three that feel good, share them in the comments section below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re unfamiliar with how to share your affirmations, scroll down to the bottom of this page to the place that says “Leave A Reply“, add your affirmative statements in the box, add your details, and then press “Post Comment“. Viola!

Alright, dear one. This is a loving and supportive group, so don’t be shy! The reason I ask that you to share your statements publicly is so we can help one another get ideas and build a bridge of connection with all the lovely people taking this series.

Again, post your statements below (and scroll down to find mine, as well). 

Much love,



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5 comments on “Creating Personal Affirmations That Support Your Forgiveness Practice”

  1. When I make an error I simply stop berating myself or circumstances and say: You are only human and errors happen if you are moving.

    I do not have to be a perfect anything just a striving individual. I will not cease to exist if I make errors.

    I am doing the best I can right now.

    Playing positive tapes takes more energy than positive statements. As in smiling takes less muscles than frowning.

  2. My Positive Affirmations To Support My Forgiveness Practice:

    1. It is safe to feel my feelings fully. Blocking my feelings, blocks forgiveness. The more I honor my feelings, the easier it is to forgive.
    2. Forgiveness is as simple as putting a bright white light around the situation (or person) and giving this over to God.
    3. The more I practice forgiveness, the easier it gets.
    4. I love ease and simplicity and letting go of what doesn’t serve frees me to live with these values.

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