Welcome to Day Twenty of the 30 Days of Forgiveness.


Hello, Dear One.

A few years ago I discovered an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono. 

The first time I heard about it, I learned the elementary version of this technique. It was a repetition of this simple mantra, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.Thank you.

Any time I felt upset and needed to practice forgiveness, it was instructed I say this mantra over and over again until I felt peace in my heart.

I really liked the practice and used it often.

Over time, I discovered there were deeper principles involved in Ho’oponopono, and the one principle I most struggled with is our topic for today.

It’s to assume full responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Now before I go any further I want to make a distinction. Taking full responsibility for everything that occurs in your life is not the same thing as saying you are the cause of everything that happens in your life. Taking full responsibility is simply you taking a position of power in your life creation.

Today’s Contemplation:

When you hear the statement, assume full responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, how do you feel? Do you already live life this way? Do you feel any resistance or think it’s bogus? Does it make you feel empowered? Or is it scary or unappealing?

Then consider how your life would be different if you assumed full responsibility for everything.

Alright, dear one. Tomorrow we’ll explore this topic even deeper, but for today, I want you to explore how you currently feel about this principle.

Take a moment to share what you discover by commenting below.

Warm wishes!




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7 comments on “Assume Full Responsibility For Everything In Your Life”

  1. You invite us to “consider how your life would be different if you assumed full responsibility for everything.” The most significant difference would be that you would no longer be blaming anyone or anything, even God or yourself, for what comes to you. And blame is one of the most debilitating and life-defeating attitudes that anyone can hold. It is so damaging and perhaps is largely responsible for the deplorable state of humanity on earth.

    And speaking of that deplorable state, at some level we are all responsible for it. “What, you mean I’m personally responsible for the awful state of corruption and conflict, poverty and sickness on earth?” Yes, simply by being part of the body of humanity and sharing the mass consciousness of that body we are all responsible for the condition of that body. And with this comes the responsibility for cleaning up the mess.

    • Doing our best in the current environment we live in is a commitment to show up at our highest. I agree, taking responsibility and move out of victim mode, is so important. Despite all I’ve learned, sometimes victim mode takes me by surprise. I’m realizing awareness is key to snap out of this way of thinking. And it helps me so much to see you consistently pouring love into your world, working with a heart of service, and blessing everyone and everything. No doubt the world is a better place because you exist, Jerry. You are a wonderful role model for me, and I adore your faith and attitude. x

  2. This is a deep and powerful philosophical question. Yes, there is a big difference between taking responsibility for how you react to something vs taking the blame for something that happened. I remember when you had a post about this several months ago or possibly last year that inspired me to understand this difference. Once I understood it was more about dealing with the consequences rather than fixating on the cause it helped to let go. I found it was possible to start moving forward even before considering the forgiveness phase. Adding the forgiveness then makes it even easier to move forward. Good medicine!

    • Thanks, Greg. It’s so fascinating to me how then need for forgiveness has surfaced in my life—an experience that drove this 30 day series. Even today I picked an old book by Kay Haugen called From The Poorhouse To The Penthouse (amazon affiliate link), and one of the seven steps she suggests to manifesting your dreams, is none other than FORGIVENESS. I find it so fascinating when we open to Truth in life, it pours in with beautiful synchronicity and verve. Forgiveness has been one of these experience that has bubbled under the surface until I was ready. That BOOM! It seems to appear everywhere in my life.

      I’m grateful for your contribution to our group.

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