Welcome to Day 16 of the “No Limits” Challenge. 

This is the beginning of Week Three, and our topic is becoming limitless in our worth and deservability. (Note: Deservability is not an actual word, but I feel it describes what we feel we deserve.) //

Hello, Love.

Have you ever worked really hard for some thing, but felt you weren’t worthy of the reward? Have you ever paid to go on a vacation but didn’t feel you belonged there? Or perhaps you were given a gift, but you had a hard time accepting it? 

All three of these describe something I personally have felt.


I worked really hard going to school from the time I was five until 27—pursuing a dream to become a doctor. After all that time and effort, I finally earned that fancy “doctor” title, and do you think I walked out feeling like one? No! I felt like a fraud. It took me five years of practicing as a chiropractor until I could walk into my exam room confident enough to be someone’s doctor.


After being in private practice for four years, I finally gave myself a vacation. I went to a swanky functional medicine resort in Miami Beach, Florida. I remember walking into that fancy hotel, looking around, and feeling like I didn’t belong there. Guess what?!? I went to check in and my debit card wouldn’t work. I remember calling my bank, feeling completely embarrassed. I remember walking down the corridors giving myself a pep talk. You deserve this, Misty. You’ve paid with this with your own hard-earned money!


This year, almost a year and a half into my sabbatical, my Mastermind partners, Sarah Elliott and Kelly Geary, gifted me with a trip to NYC! We’d been dreaming about taking a yearly trip together to celebrate our successes and dream about our futures, and they wanted to include me in this year’s trip. While I was honored and excited, a part of me worried if I accepted, I’d need to pay them back in the future. There were times while galavanting down the streets of New York that I truly relaxed and enjoyed their company, and there were times when I didn’t feel worthy to be there. They were successful, and well, look at me. I didn’t even have the money to be there!

You likely have your own version/s of similar inner dialogue/s.

Every day the Universe is gifting each one of us with wonderful blessings. The hard part is receiving with open arms.


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Choose a time when you didn’t feel you deserve some thing you were given or a time you didn’t feel worth some thing you worked to achieve.

Step Two: Sit and reflect.

What did you feel you needed to do to deserve the gift you were given or the thing you worked to earn?

Step Three: Ponder. 

What if…what if you didn’t have to work hard to deserve things? What if a gift was really a gift—with no strings attached? What if the more you received with open arms, the more abundance came to you? And then the more abundance came to you, the more you could give with joy? What if giving and receiving were as natural as breathing?

Step Four (optional): Consider a time when the situation was reversed. 

Has there ever been a time when you gave someone a gift, and their inability to fully receive, cut off the flow of the joy of your giving? Consider how much joy the giver gets when the receiver is open to receiving.

Alright, sweet one. Today’s topic is one truly worthy of attention. As we begin loving addressing our resistances and fears around accepting the good the Universe has to share, we open the door to abundance and prosperity in all areas of our lives. 

All my love,



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Today’s Feature Image: “Lysterfield Lake” by Ben Perrin on Flickr

2 comments on “Are You Shutting Down The Good The Universe Is Giving To You?”

  1. I quite often feel that my work position and living condition on Sunrise Ranch is so wonderfully awesome that I don’t really deserve it. Compared to some of the jobs I’ve had and places I’ve lived in in the past my present situation is truly “living the dream.” Do I deserve this perfection? I guess this persistent question simply motivates me to constantly give thanks for my good fortune and to consistently bring my highest and finest to the work I do here. Yes, the Universe has so much good to share, and as I give my finest in service to the Universe, the door is opened for its gifts to come to me. And, yes, I deserve them; we all do.

    • Lovely, Jerry. I also believe you deserve the very best job. I could see myself being the post mistress at a place like Sunrise one day. What a lovely and romantic position. =) I have always sent lots of love through the mail. Sending cards and letters is a hobby of mine, so the idea of being a transmitter of this kind of joy feels appealing.

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