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​Hello, Love

I received a really thought provoking comment regarding yesterday’s lesson.

A fellow challenge participant shared—

There are a lot of people who don’t simply say “thank you” when a gift or a compliment is given. I think it is a very positive thing to be a joyful receiver.

Goodness. How many of us need to learn to become joyful receivers?!? I know I do.

I personally have felt stressed in the past when I received a gift. 

I worried. Did I show enough appreciation? Is a simple “thank you” enough? Will the giver want something in return? What if I am asked for something down the road, and what if I don’t want to say Yes? Will I feel obligated because someone gave me something?

On the other hand, I’ve been the giver and have felt deep heart ache when someone did not receive my gift.

This topic can be mired with murkiness for many.

It’s unlikely that I’m the only person who has had a difficult time receiving gifts. I’m also likely not the only person who has felt the core painful feelings of heart hurt and sadness when gifts were not received well (or at all).

Despite the complexities of the giving and receiving, I actually think this subject was meant to be a beautiful thing—a pure act given selflessly out of love.


How does one make giving and receiving a pure, simple, and joy-filled process?!?


Today’s Challenge:

Step One: Commit to do your best—whether you’re the giver or the receiver.

Step Two: If you’re the giver, make sure you’re giving purely for the joy of giving. 

Do an inner check. Are you giving because you want the other person to give you something in return? Do you have an overt or covert ulterior motive? It’s important that we give for the sake of given—expecting nothing in return.

Step Three: If you’re the receiver, allow any feelings to arise. 

If you’re receiving with joy and open arms, congrats! Skip ahead to the next lesson.

If you’re like me, and you’ve ever felt any negative emotion (fear, obligation, etc.), use this as an opportunity to explore what’s going on inside. Is the person giving the gift doing it to get something from you? If so, this is hard situation to be in. Have lots of compassion for yourself as you work to find the best solution to your situation. If, however, your negative emotion regarding receiving a gift comes from within, use this as an opportunity to explore.

With mindfulness, you can learn a lot about yourself. It is possible to fully open to the good of the Universe. Your Higher Self can help you as you work to openly receive all good with joy, and if you have trouble, you can always consult a trusted friend or therapist to help.

Alright, dear one. I hope today’s topic is one stimulates you to consider how you can start giving freely with an open heart, as well as, receiving joyfully with a grateful spirit. You truly deserve all good. You were born worthy; this is not something you have to work to earn. I truly believe we are here on Earth to learn to give and receive freely with deep, lasting joy.

Thinking of you on this blessed day!




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2 comments on “Are You Joyfully Receiving The Abundance You Deserve?”

  1. In the Sunrise Ranch spiritual community it is pretty much common practice to do exactly what you suggest, Misty: “Give freely with an open heart, as well as, receive joyfully with a grateful spirit.” I don’t question the motivations of the giver or worry about whether the gift will require something from me in return. No matter what the gift is, even if it’s something I have no use for, I just gratefully receive it. The giver wants to bless me in some way and if I in some way refuse or hesitate to receive the gift or question it in some way, this destroys the spiritual substance generated by the act of giving and receiving. The gift itself is in a sense beside the point. The real value is in the spiritual exchange between the giver and receiver. Rightly done, that exchange releases a blessing to the whole body of humanity.

    • I love this line, Jerry. “Rightly done, that exchange releases a blessing to the whole body of humanity.”

      There is much healing work to be done with the topic of giving and receiving. It is very sad how much dysfunction exists in this realm.

      I have spend much of my life having difficulty accepting gifts fearing the giver wanted something or may use it against me in the future. These fears have robbed me (and the giver) of a lot of joy. I wish more people reacted with graciousness and gratitude—just as you do naturally.

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