Welcome to Day Nine of the “No Limits” Challenge. This is Week Two, and our focus will be on relationships. Enjoy! //

Each morning I wake up and read an inspirational story from “A Deep Breath of Life” by Alan Cohen (Amazon Affiliate Link). Most days I really love the story, but for some reason this morning I didn’t really like the one I read. So I randomly chose to read another in its place.

Strangely, the second story had the same theme as the first, and I felt an all to familiar intuitive hit that this was a sign to pay attention. I decided to sit and meditate on the possibility that Guidance wanted me to receive a particular message today through these stories

After a few minutes it hit me. I felt strongly the message was this:

In order to find the deep connection you desire with others, you must first honestly and intimately create that connection within yourself.

I felt a smile erupt on my face!

You see I had a negative experience with a friend a few weeks ago, and that situation left me feeling unsafe inside.

For weeks in my head I had played the situation over and over, wondering what I’d done wrong and searching for what was going on with the other person. Each time I analyzed what had happened I concluded that this friendship no longer reflected a healthy one, and it was time to let it go.

Yet the situation did not resolve, and it would resurface every few days asking for resolution.

This morning I sat with the message I had just received, and it dawned on me—the one thing I haven’t been doing is giving myself the deep connection I had really longed for.

In fact I’d gone to stay with this particular person because I no longer felt a connection. I thought the reason was due to our physical distance and staying in his home would allow us to share ourselves more intimately. It was my intention that this would bring us closer together, but instead, it only brought to light deeper concern.

With this clarity I could see that I had been expecting him to offer me kindness and understanding, but I was failing to offer that kindness and understanding toward myself.

No wonder things felt unresolved. This situation held a deeper purpose in my life and was patiently awaiting my discovery.

With my newfound perspective, I decided to do what my Guidance suggested and began to send myself kindness, compassion, and understanding regarding the situation that occurred. As I did this I began to see many friendships over the years that I’ve stayed in that also were not healthy.

I began to see that if I had been kind, compassionate, and understanding toward myself in those situations many of the friendships would have likely changed form, or they would have faded away without strife.

I felt Guidance’s assurance that as I began to give myself more and more of what I really needed, I would begin attracting friendships with people who naturally offered the same.


Today’s Challenge:

Does any of my story resonate with you? If so, how?

Is there any way you are not being kind, compassionate, or understanding with your self? Are you giving yourself the very things you deeply crave from your relationships?

Alright, dear one. Explore these questions and develop a deeper, more authentic relationship with yourself. You deserve relationships without limits, and that all starts with your relationship with your precious self!

Much love,



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