DrMistyFunkGratitudeBombHi. I’m Misty―Passionate Entrepreneur and Lover of Books.

In January of 2016, I made a rather bold and scary life transition—I followed an inner prompting to leave Austin, Texas, and take a two-year sabbatical. I took my savings, paid cash for a tiny house near Big Bend National Park, and took two years off in attempt to transition to the life I really wanted to live. (Watch me celebrate the one-year anniversary of my sabbatical journey.)

The story below details my strong faith that abundance flows to those who find the courage to push past fear and follow what they have been guided to do. Joseph Campbell called this undertaking The Hero’s Journey, and based on what you read, you’ll see I’m continuously finding the courage to transform my fears into higher purpose. It chronicles my ardent attempt to traverse my unique, authentic path through the pathless woods.

(If you prefer listen to my sabbatical story, click here for the audio version recorded in June 2016.)

My Story:

I’ve been a chiropractor with a private practice in Austin, Texas, for the past eight years. Over the years I’ve had the great fortune of experiencing success and happiness. Despite my success, as each year ticked by, I kept feeling I was meant for something more. I dreamed of running an internet-based business that allowed me to live and work anywhere. So in order to take action on my desire, I started this website in January 2015. It was my sole intention it would be the medium of the transition I’d been dreaming about!

In April 2015 while working on my web project, I read and lectured on the book, Reflections on the Art of Living: a Joseph Campbell Companion. Something in that book moved me deeply, and I felt an inner prompting to take a two year sabbatical. This crazy idea scared me to death because not only did I believe it was not possible, but I believed it was irresponsible. I had it in my head it would put me way behind schedule in life, so instead I bebopped along as I had been doing—living life the way I thought I was supposed to and tried to forget Campbell’s book.

Over the next six months, the concept of taking a two-year sabbatical kept coming up—over and over. By October 2015, I was ready to get rid of the silly notion. I went to a 5-Day InnerBonding retreat with one purpose: to figure out with absolute clarity if I was supposed to go on sabbatical. If YES, I would do it! If there was any lack of clarity, I would ditch the pervasive thought forever. Well! You already know the outcome—I got my answer—it was a resounding YES!!!

I made a commitment then and there and went back to Austin to start my transition, and I was SCARED TO DEATH!!! Then, as if taking two years off wasn’t enough, my Guidance upped-the-ante and said, “You‘re going to buy a houseYou‘re going to pay cash for it, AND take two years off!” I seriously thought I was going nuts! I would look at my bank balance every day and see I didn’t have the funds to pull this off, and this fact would worry me incessantly. I spent most of the time before my transition in a great deal of fear. I couldn’t figure out HOW I was going to do this, and I didn’t know if I had the courage to follow what I was being guided to do.

But this where my story gets really good! I did have the courage, and I was scared every step of the way.

The money and support just started pouring in—as if by magic! I received more income than I expected in the last six weeks of work. I got money back from overpaying my income taxes for 2015. I was even given financial gifts I did not ask for and had never been given in the past. I couldn’t afford to pay for wifi (which was quite ironic since I wanted to run an internet-based business), and when my neighbors found out, they shared their wifi passwords with me. This freed me up to work online any time, instead of just when my local library was open. Neighbors and friends started offering me rides to go grocery shopping (since the closest grocery was 65 miles away) and to return to Austin from time to time. All of this was such a surprise, as I could have never anticipated any of these occurrences, and the gifts didn’t stop there. They kept coming!

Over the months since my sabbatical began, I’d found my world had expanded in way I never dreamed possible. My father completely surprised me and gave me a fully-paid-for truck that I desperately needed but could not afford. An old patient of mine, an experienced print editor, offered to read and revise my web content for free. I was invited on an epic road trip from Anchorage to Denver and was even gifted the tickets for my flight there and back. As each day passes, the list of blessings continues to blow me away!

Here’s the real truth! 

At the time I made the commitment to go on sabbatical, I could not wrap my logical mind around how to make this happen. I could not have imagined all of the funds and resources that would arrive to help me. Even in this moment, I’m seriously in awe of my own story—of what has happened and continues to happen to me. I have NO IDEA how any of this came to fruition. I just keep following what I am being “told” to do, and somehow everything seems to fall into place and work out.

It’s as if I had come ALIVE, and the passion, energy, and wisdom flows through me from something greater than myself.

Now it’s always easy to look back in retrospect and see the divinity in Spirit’s plan, but the real magic is in making the commitment to act on what Guidance directs you to do and then in trusting it will all work out. As you can see absolute miracles began occurring for me from the moment I made this COMMITMENT.

Many have asked me—What is the intention for your sabbatical?

My intention is two-fold—to fully embrace my own personal and spiritual journey and to work full-time on my creative dream of becoming an Internet entrepreneur. I see myself creating and delivering amazing eCourses that encourage and transform the lives of entrepreneurs and seekers alike. I feel my purpose is to spread love to the world and help myself and others transform fear into higher purpose. I see myself fostering a community of risk-takers who desire to live with the highest life satisfaction possible—who aspire to create deep meaning and live their passionate purpose in this world.

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Much love,
Book 22 Balcony People by Joyce Landorf Heatherley