The questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people we become.
—Leo Babauta

Welcome to Day Five of the 30-Day No Limits Challenge!

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a financial situation, you’re really going to get enjoy today’s lesson!

In fact—mindfulness demonstrates how often our mind asks questions. The mind both is the asker of the questions and is the generator of the answer. Quite often we unconsciously ask disempowering questions, such as—Why did this happen to me? or What did I do wrong?


One of the simplest ways to create a “NO LIMITS” life is to start asking the right questions. You can begin by asking this one incredibly simple but RIDICULOUSLY POWERFUL question!


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Today’s Challenge:

Start asking this incredibly powerful question—“What would it take to (fill in the blank with your desire/s)?” Asking this question opens the door for your Guidance to start sending you solutions to the things you are struggling with.

Please Note: Before you ask this question, it’s really important that you check your intention.

Is your intention to try to control yourself, the situation, or other people? Or is your intention to genuinely learn what is in your highest good. According to Dr. Margaret Paul of Inner Bonding, we can not connect with our Higher Guidance if we are in an intention to control and protect, so I encourage you to open your heart to learn what is in your highest good. Be open and willing to receive the answers you seek, and then to take the loving action you receive from your Higher Guidance.


Examples Of Today’s Empowering Question:

What would it take to resolve this situation for the highest good of all?
What would it take to make 100K this year?
What would it take to attract 100K subscribers to my YouTube channel in the next six months?
What would it take to start making $4,000 extra per month?
What would it take to double my net worth.
What would it take to get down to 125 pounds?
What would it take to increase my happiness ten-fold?
What would it take to find quiet, peaceful, beautiful places to live all over the world?
What would it take to manifest my soulmate?

Alright, my friend. Today’s lesson was inspired by Christie Marie Sheldon and Vishen Lakhiani, the CEO of MindValley. I highly recommend you watch their YouTube video called “How To Clear Abundance Blocks” when you get a chance. It’s a lovely process to support you to clear your money blocks.

Supporting you in reaching your fullest potential!




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3 comments on “A Super Powerful Question You Must Start Asking Today”

  1. “What would it take to __________?” It seems to me that merely by asking this question you’re opening to door to a lot of personal wants and desires that may have nothing to do with what you actually need from Higher Guidance. For example, if you ask “What would it take to make 100K this year?” aren’t you are in a sense asking Higher Guidance to outline a program of action that would make this possible and foreclosing the possibility that this is not what you actually need at all?

    Instead of bothering with this it seems much easier and more authentic to simply realize that I am the Higher Guidance that I seek and to live on this basis? Asking questions of Higher Guidance or Higher Self assumes a separation between you (lower self) and Higher Self. This to me is false identity.

    Higher Guidance is who I am and I have only one desire and that is that my human form with its heart, mind and body express who I am. This will not happen as long as I maintain a separate lower-self identity with all of its wants, desires and questions. Identified with Higher Guidance I am not here to ask questions or seek solutions but to provide the answer and the solution.

    • I see your point of view, Jerry. I, however, don’t feel the same about having personal desires, such as desiring to earn 100K. I do see the great value in aligning the little “s” self with the big “S” Self….so that we are not desiring things from a purely selfish place. =)

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