Welcome to The 30 Days of Forgiveness!

If you’re curious to learn about creating a forgiveness practice, you’re at the right place! This series is designed to eliminate the common misconceptions that keep your heart closed, as well as, to nourish all aspects of yourself while you work through a potential difficult life circumstance. Forgiveness can be your golden ticket to health and healing.

From my heart to yours!





Course Content:

Welcome To The 30-Day of Forgiveness Series
Day 1: What Is Forgiveness?

Week One: A Gentle Introduction To Forgiveness
Day 2: Examining Your Desire To Explore Forgiveness
Day 3: Making Forgiveness A Way Of Being
Day 4: Creating Personal Affirmations That Create Your Forgiveness Practice
Day 5: How Do You Know When You Need To Forgive?
Day 6: Handling Those Hard-To-Feel Emotions When Working On Forgiveness
Days 7 and 8: In the works…

Week Two: Forgiving Yourself
Day 9: Managing The Pain of Life On Our Path To Forgiveness and Healing
Day 10: Can One Forgive Something Other Than A Person—Such As Their Body or A Natural Disaster?
Day 11: Exploring The Life Circumstances That Weigh You Down
Day 12: How To Let Go Of The Things You Can Not Control
Day 13: Peace In The Midst of Great Transition
Day 14: Hold Your Sadness With Loving Tenderness
Day 15: Coming Soon!

Week Three: Forgiving Others 
Day 16: Finding Forgiveness When You’re Frustrated & Frazzled
Day 17: In the works…
Day 18: Managing The Hurt and Pain When You Lose A Beloved Friend Or Pet
Days 19: Still working on this one, too…
Day 20: Assume Full Responsibility For Everything In Your Life
Days 21 thru 22: Coming Soon!

Week Four: Forgiving Life Circumstances
Days 23 thru 29: Coming Soon!

A Forgiveness Wrap Up Session
Day 30: Coming Soon!

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